by Nancy Janes, Founder & CEO

The Center of Hope has been years in the making.....a dream to fulfill our obligation "to establish and promote animal welfare in the country of Romania"  for the animals that have suffered needlessly for decades in Romania.  

On October 16, supporters from  Europe, the USA, and the UK attended the preview opening of this Center, located near Bucharest.  All were welcomed by the Romania Animal Rescue team of vets and techs, the founders and many of the Board members.  It was a joyous occasion with a mutual goal, to help as many animals as possible with the best animal veterinary hospital in Romania.  The Center is not complete until all the essential equipment is purchased, and your help is needed for the success of this project so that we can open our doors to the animals.  

What is still needed to be purchased

  1. Main surgery op lights $12250
  2. Surgery table $1700
  3. Multiparameter anesthetic monitor $3100
  4. Anesthetic machine $1620
  5. Infusion pumps $606 (ordered 7)
  6. Weighing scales $230
  7. Scrub sink $660
  8. Scrub sink for isolation $310
  9. Height adjustable table/Gurney $1500 (ordered 2)
  10. Microscope $1640
  11. Waste anesthetic gas scavenging system $1940
  12. Vacuum system $1355
  13. Bath for parvo room $800

Please help us get the center ready! 

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