These two little survivors - Cleo and Molly - have been rescued by our Vet Tech Anda Popescu and are now at the Center of Hope Bucharest -Veterinary Hospital receiving veterinary care.

Cleo and Molly are too young to be without their mum so something dreadful must have happened to this little family. They were very sickly when Anda found them. Luckily for Cleo and Molly, they were found in time - we think they will both live. Will you please help us to care for Cleo and Molly and get them fit and healthy and ready for a better life?

We will make sure that they never have to go back on the streets again. Please donate today at our Donate page so we can continue to do this work and save so many dogs and cats that need our help. We can only help them if we have your support.