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Craiova Spayathon Video »

Dr. Aurelian resting between surgeries

Dr. Aurelian took a brief break between surgeries during October's spayathon in Craiova. He and the rest of the Dream Team were hard at work, spaying/neutering Craiova pets and community animals. We set a goal of 800 spay/neuter procedures, but in true Dream Team form they performed more than 1000. They are able to do this great work only through the generosity of our donors. Your financial gifts this holiday season enable this dedicated team of veterinarians and assistants to help even more animals in Craiova and all over Romania.

Watch the video
of the Craiova Spayathon

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We are dedicating this newsletter to Petie

We would like to dedicate this newsletter to Petie, beloved cat of Sonja Hess. He was a rescue from the streets of San Francisco. He was a very affectionate and talkative cat. Petie would offer up his paw when Sonja asked for it, and would only eat when she was by his side.

Petie Petie
Sonja with Petie

I love pets
Dr. Aurelian isn't just a brilliant surgeon, he's a marvelous graphic designer, too! Wishing you and all of your companions a safe and healthy holiday season.


Dear Romania Animal Supporters »

Dear Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay Neuter Intl. Supporters and Friends,

As this year comes to an end, I would just like to say thanks. Thanks for being there for the animals. Thanks for caring about the animals. Thank you to the people who have been with us through thick and thin for years, and thank you to the marvelous new people that have come into this charity's life.

I never in my dreams thought we could achieve so much: A small group of committed people who understand what compassion for our fellow beings means came together, found each other as if it were an act of fate or divine intervention. People from around the world, committed and united to stand up for right, for good and to see to it that animals are treated well and with respect.

Thank you all with every fiber of my being. Such a wonderful Dream Team we all are!

With Love and Best Wishes,
Nancy Janes

Stay informed about our animal welfare campaigns in Romania by subscribing to Dr. Aurelian's blog: Homeless Animal Hospital.

Dear Friends,

We are closing a hard working year with fabulous achievements: 9000 spays and neuters and over 1000 cases at Homeless Animal Hospital. These are life-saving numbers describing countless pups and kittens that will never be born and regarded as waste by the city officials. We are happy that our team was able to visit towns where quality spay and neuter has never gone before and therefore we "wrote pages of history" to quote the people that received our help for their animals. We are not just vets that do a high quality job--we are role models for teenagers who visited our base in order to see the insides of veterinary profession. We showed them how compassion is cool and makes a great team with being a veterinarian. This Christmas we will remember all of our projects from throughout the year and our present will be the heartwarming image of dogs that we helped, that are not pregnant or nursing, that we managed to help stay with their families and all the pups that never knew what hunger, thirst or pain. Today at the clinic a little boy asked me if animals have their own Santa. I told him that animals have many Santas for that carry a big bag with wonderful things given by special people and one of those Santas has a bag that says "RAR" that offers hope and freedom and vet care for the animals in need. I wish you a Merry Christmas and may all your dreams come true for you and your family. God bless you!

Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM
ASNI/RAR General Manager,
Familyvet Veterinary Clinic

The RAR Map of Romania

Thank You!

Spay/neuter procedures funded

ASNI/RAR funded spayathons in:

2 Bucharest Peasant Village campaigns
Ramnicu Sarat

31,966 in Romania alone,
33,666 worldwide


Online Fundraisers »


SAVE Romanian animals

If you would like to share with your family and friends the work we are doing, please check out our website for a flyer you can download. There are instructions and files for printing the flyers professionally or at home, or for sharing on your social media pages.



Romania Animal Rescue / Animal Spay/Neuter International will be attending some animal conferences next year. We have our banner ready for 2015. Here is a sneak preview of it.

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Spay/Neuter Update »

Vatra Dornei Spayathon

Vatra Dornei Spayathon Vatra Dornei Spayathon

The Dream Team returned to Vatra Dornei to spay/neuter 54 dogs and cats. Thank you, Mayor Ilie Bonches, who supports this campaign and provides the necessary space for carrying out these procedures. Your support allowed the Dream Team to spay/neuter a much larger number of animals than usual, for which we are deeply grateful.

New Blog

Mandy Easter has created a new blog that lists the recent spayathons that the Dream Team undergoes. Thank you, Mandy, for keeping us all updated on these activities.

Christmas in Craiova

Last year at this time we did a "Christmas is for Cats" campaign. This year it is "Christmas in Craiova" for the spaying and neutering of 200 animals from the public! Please support this holiday spay/neuter program with a donation today.

Support Spay/Neuter

Christmas Tree

Animal Care »

Homeless Animal Hospital

The Homeless Animal Hospital (HAH) provides daily care for animals in need--those brought in from the streets by Good Samaritans, those brought in by impoverished citizens, and those brought in by local shelters of Craiova. We need your support so that we can continue this vital mission to help people do the right thing by the animals they care about. Thank you! We plan to begin a Bucharest branch of HAH, with your support.

HAH treats animals so they can be adopted. Check out our Adoptions section for a puppy and kitten who were each found and brought to the clinic so they could be treated.

Puppy found and brought to Homeless Animal Hospital

This girl found a puppy on the street and brought her in for free vaccines, a check-up, and deparasiting. She will be spayed for free when she is old enough.


Veterinary Training Camp in Bistrita Veterinary Training Camp in Bistrita

"It's not only what you do it is how you do it." Romanian Animal Rescue is rapidly reaching 35,000 surgeries and each one received the best standards we could offer. We do not allow inexperienced vets or vet students to take part in campaigns. However education is the key to improved animal welfare in the future, which lead to the birth of The Veterinary Training Camp. Our vets are specialists in spay and neuter and offer courses on surgical technique with minimal recovery. Dogs that will receive little care afterwards must undergo surgery with this important fact in mind.

The first picture today is of a surgery completed by Dr. Octavian Pop from Bistrita, Romania when he spent a week with us at The Veterinary Training Camp. He returned home and is putting what he learned to good use working hard to solve the stray dog population. His training was made possible by sponsorship from RAR. Your donations made this possible, Your donations are the key to better animal welfare in the future. How much will you invest? The second photo is of incision by Dr. Petrisor Stefan of RAR Dream Team.


Education Day in Craiova Education Day in Craiova
Veterinary Training Camp in Craiova Veterinary Training Camp in Craiova

Our friend Carmen brought some students to the clinic in Craiova for an education day, "Choose your Profession". Dr. Aurelian Stefan taught the students what a day of being a veterinarian is like. The students were very receptive, and we think we have some future RAR vets in the making!

Keep up to date with the animal care that Veterinary Training Camp does through the HAH blog and Facebook page.

Hundreds more animals are helped and vaccinated with Homeless Animal Hospital, every day we treat animals that are in need of care. We can only do this with your donations.

Support Animal Care



Education »

Vatra Dornei

Vatra Dornei Education Vatra Dornei Education

Spay/Neuter and Education work!

This article was printed in Bucovina News. Here is a translation:

The number of the strays roaming on the streets of Vatra Dornei has considerably decreased as a result of massive free spay/neuter campaigns carried out with the help of foreign partners. The positive result of the spay/neuter campaigns is not only the small number of strays, but also consists in changing people's mentalities regarding their pets.

The most recent free spay/neuter campaign in Vatra Dornei was successfully run on November 21st and 22nd, with 23 dogs and 29 cats being spayed/neutered.

With the help and support of Romania Animal Rescue's project, in 2014, there were 515 animals spayed/neutered, 372 dogs and 143 cats. Also, the outcome of RAR project in Vatra Dornei is a great one regarding the total number of the animals that were fixed starting with June 2013. 669 (526 dogs and 143 cats) animals were fixed after Romania Animal Rescue's nine campaigns.

According to Roxana Pasat, one of the coordinators of Vatra Dornei's campaigns, the spay/neuter procedures were performed with the exclusive support of foreign donors, amazing people who have understood the importance and the need for such projects in Romania, people who donated on a monthly basis for Vatra Dornei local projects. Roxana Pasat also states that local people must join these efforts, respond and get involved in order to solve the situation of the street animals.

"All this hard work is reflected in our daily reality and it is by all means reflected by the fact that there are fewer and fewer dogs roaming the streets of our town. This is the reason why these [intermittent] campaigns need not stop. We wish to have them on a permanent schedule for the benefit of our entire community. We hope that the foreign donors will not to forget about us, and we would be extremely happy that Romanian citizens become more responsible and to understand that, without the immense support of donations, nothing is done or solved by itself."

The success of all these spay/neuter campaigns from Vatra Dornei was ensured by a professional team of vets and volunteers. The Dream Team members are: Dr. Aurelian Ștefan, Dr. Petrișor Ștefan, Dr. Irina Corbu, Dr. Livioara Rotariu, vet tech Ruth Osborne, vet tech Anda Popescu and Lelia Leandra. Numerous young volunteers and the Team of the Mountain Rescuers, Echipa Salvamont Vatra Dornei, came to help the Dream Team and joined forces with them.

Mr. Ilie Bonches, Mayor of Vatra Dornei, got involved and was always happy to offer the adequate premises for carrying out the activities and to pay for the food and lodging of the Team's members.

"Together we succeeded in changing people's mentalities a bit. We managed to convince part of the town's population that the only source of the strays is the private household, the yards of those who do not spay/neuter their own dogs, the same ones who abandon pups on the streets," Roxana Pasat also stated.

Cat stowed for spay/neuter in Vatra Dornei

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Candy Cane

Adoptions »

Romania Animal Rescue adopting Gabi Romania Animal Rescue adopting Gabi
Photos of Gabi

We are thrilled to announce more adoptions! Do you recall Gabi, the dog rescued by the RAR Dream Team while they were enroute to the Craiova Spayathon in October? Well Miss Gabi will be traveling to California this month for adoption! And joining Gabi is Elijah, the sweet little puppy that was so ill at the Tecuci public shelter, rescued by Mihaela.

Both pups will be flying into San Francisco to be met by Rory and Nancy Janes, then taken down to San Pedro for adoption with the outstanding organization, Doggies 911. Thank you Marilyn, Masumi, Mihaela, Suzy, Caroline, Rory, Diane for making dreams come true!

Romania Animal Rescue adopting Elijah Romania Animal Rescue adopting Elijah
Photos of Elijah

A Good Samaritan brings a puppy to Homeless Animal Hospital, Bucharest This dog was adopted through the Homeless Animal Hospital, Bucharest
A Good Samaritan adopts a dog

This puppy was found wandering the streets and was brought to Homeless Animal Hospital by a Good Samaritan. She was adopted while at the clinic! She was spayed, treated, vaccinated, all thanks to your help!


Maia brought in to the Homeless Animal Hospital, Bucharest Maia getting her leg cleaned up and treated at the Homeless Animal Hospital, Bucharest
Photos of Maia

Maia, a kitten from Tecuci, was found under a car and brought into the Tecuci spayathon. She was taken to Homeless Animal Hospital in Bucharest for treatment, and is now up for adoption.


Our Thanks »

We would like to thank all of the wonderful people who make this charity possible. Thank you to you, our donors! You have made all our work possible! Thank you to the vets and techs and program coordinators who work hard every single day to save more animals!

Thank you to Dogs on Death Row, Cats on Death Row, Kuono Ry, 4 Stray Dogs, People4Pets, SterilizeDogsNL, Mayhew International for your help with our spay campaigns and education. Thank you to international charities and groups who have offered help to the Romanian animals through our campaigns for spay/neuter, Homeless Animal Hospital project, veterinary training, and education!

Thank you Sue Roberts, Maz Foulger, Mishy Dunn, Diane White, Steph Blythe and Sue Blythe, May-Britt Seem, and Binky Adams for all your great and amazing fundraising campaigns on Facebook that have enabled RAR to do more spays/neuters than ever before! And a tremendous thanks to all of you who have donated via these campaigns! Thank you Mandy Easter for your blog that updates viewers on our missions so that the public stays informed. Thank you Suzy Morris for your gracious help with our accounting as well as your support for our work. Thank you Sandy Myatt for the great earrings you made for us to sell for spay/neuter! Lots of work by a Team effort!

We hope that 2015, and the new President elect in Romania, will bring a shining star to animal welfare in Romania. Thank you everyone!


With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID (RAR): 72-1546354)
(UK Registered Charity Number (ASNI): 1157935)