The ASNI team of Dr Aurelian Stefan, Dr Petrisor Stefan, Ruth Osborne VN and Luminita Negrila arrived in good spirits despite a journey of around 18 hours. The equipment was set up and we were ready to begin. The first 3 days we were working in Sanchez a small town in the north of the island. People had begun arriving before the advertised starting time so a crowd of men, women and children with dogs of all shapes and sizes were waiting for us. The Dominican local volunteers had them registered and organised into an orderly queue. Many waited patiently a long time for their turn, seeking shade out of the glare of the hot sun. Amigos de Lucky has been working in Sanchez for a little while now and they can see the difference in peoples attitudes towards the dogs they live with. They see people hugging the dogs in Sanchez, which they did not see before.

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Dominican Republic lady taking her dog for sterilization