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Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
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Education in Vatra Dornei:
Vatra Dornei Education Vatra Dornei Education

Dear Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay Neuter International supporters and friends,

This summer RAR has provided more spay/neuter for the animals in Romania than ever before! Our seven vets were at times doing four campaigns simultaneously in different towns and villages. The Homeless Animals Hospital has now treated 500 animals in our short existence. This project has kept animals from suffering, been a safe haven for homeless dogs and cats that are placed in foster care or sheltered until adoption after our free treatments, and provided the free vet care for the animals of impoverished citizens.

We are now out of funds. We have only the means to cover our work through August for spay/neuter campaigns, and very few funds left for Homeless Animals Hospital.

I would like to share with you a great comment we received following our recent spay/neuter campaign in Vatra Dornei, Romania. RAR has been working in Vatra Dornei for quite a while, beginning with the local charity, then having a huge spayathon, and now monthly spay/neuter campaigns and education:

"Thank you, Romania Animal Rescue for improving month by month the strays' situation in Vatra Dornei! To be frank, the difference is obvious, than other cities: the strays are fewer and fewer on the streets, you actually need to search for them closely, the streets are safer and more people have now their dogs neutered, less abandonment. Long term spay campaigns are the real solution for this 'stray problem'. Congratulation and thank you for the involvement!"

--Alina Drakena, Vatra Dornei

Your donations have helped spay/neuter these animals in Vatra Dornei:
Vatra Dornei Spay/Neuter Vatra Dornei Spay/Neuter

Vatra Dornei is just one of the towns where we do monthly spay/neuter campaigns. In Craiova we have ongoing free spay/neuter campaigns, as our funding allows.

Your funding helps to prevent dogs that have been cast to the streets to scavenge for food anywhere they can find it. Click on this image to play the video:

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Ranna (aka Hanna) and her puppies were left on the side of the road. While Dr. Aurelian, Dr. Pepe and Anda Popescu were returning from another monthly spay/neuter campaign in Tecuci, they saw Ranna and her two puppies, abandoned with a long chain attached to Ranna. The Dream Team stopped and helped to feed these poor abandoned animals and took them back to Tecuci where Dream Team member Mihaela put them into a quarantine foster care facility. These are new additions to the Homeless Animals Hospital campaign. Thanks to donations through our Facebook page, HAH has treated and fostered them so they can get stronger and healthier for adoption.

We can only help dogs like Ranna and her puppies when we have the funds to do so. This is why we need your help so desperately. Please donate today so that we can continue this crucial aid.

We hope you will support our desperate plea for help so that our many campaigns can continue.

Romania Animal Rescue, dba Animal Spay Neuter International is now a registered UK charity. Donations made in the UK can now use Tax ID 1157935 with Animal Spay/Neuter International for a tax benefit!

Thank you lovely people,
Nancy Janes

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