RAR / ASNI Newsletter February 2014
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This newsletter is dedicated to the father of Mo Crutchfield. Mo has been helping Romanian animals since her film career brought her to Romania years ago. Her father recently passed. We cherish his daughters, Mo and Marilyn, for their help for the animals.

Dear Romania Animal Supporters »

Dear Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay Neuter International Friends,

February was yet another busy month for our Dream Team. While the winter weather in Romania usually deters our programs for spay/neuter (as the public is reluctant to bring many animals in for treatment), this is not the case in warmer climates such as the Dominican Republic. Our Spayathon for 489 animals in the DR was a smashing success and prevented thousands of puppies and kittens from being born to suffer.

Our total spay/neuter entry for the World Spay event by HSUS is a whopping 789 animals. Thousands if not millions will not be born to suffer! This along with our vet care for the impoverished peoples' animals, for impoverished shelters dogs, and education for vets and the community is what make RAR and ASNI such a vital source of help and rescue for animals. Rescuing animals from ever knowing hatred, suffering, pain, hunger, abuse, or poisoning. Through your donations, YOU have prevented millions from suffering and we thank you with all our hearts!

RAR is also able to provide food for animals in Romania as funding allows. We have a number of charities that we work with not only for spaying/neutering, but try to help with daily costs through your donations (as designated by you).

I am pleased to inform you that four pups are on their way to Los Angeles from Tecuci, Romania, for adoption! Although this is the February newsletter, we are including this great event that is happening in March. I hope you enjoy the newsletter and all the great work you have allowed our charity to do.

Bless you all!
Nancy Janes

Dear RAR/ASNI Friends and Supporters,

We are back home after the Dominican Republic Spay Tour with almost 500 spay and neuter surgeries and several specialty surgeries done for free for the local impoverished animal people that were thrilled to receive our visit. Our mission was to provide basic and most important veterinary help for the remotest communities in the poor Dominican regions. We are happy that we could help in the Carribean area and we hope that the experience exchange with our colleagues will help them improve their work. Back in Romania we already have booked projects until July and we will cover a huge area and reach animal lovers that desperately need spay and neuter in their local rural community. The other day the world celebrated the Woman's Day. I dedicate this letter to all the mother dogs that for sure would be happy not to have litter after litter and driven by instinct to nurse in the harshest conditions. The offspring have little chance to survive in the urban jungle that Mother Nature pushed them into. This is why I kindly ask you, our friends, to continue to support our life-saving mission in Romania and in our international projects. Our projects are a chance for the better that a pet should not miss! God bless you all!

God bless you!

Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM
ASNI/RAR General Manager,
Familyvet Veterinary Clinic

Stay informed about our animal welfare campaigns in Romania by subscribing to Dr. Aurelian's blog: Homeless Animal Hospital.

The RAR Map of Romania

Your support has brought us to each of these towns for one or more of our animal welfare services: Spay/neuter, school education, veterinarian training, veterinary care, adoption, and shelter support.

Thank You!

Spay/neuter procedures funded

ASNI/RAR funded spayathons in:


Dominican Republic

789 for February

24,682 OVERALL!

Animal Welfare News »

Press conference from 12 February, 2014 at the EU Parliament on the mistreatment of dogs in Romania

On December 4, 2013 a delegation of the European Parliament went to Romania and had some meetings with Romanian officials ANSVSA- Sanitary-Veterinary and Food Safety National Authority and the Mayor of Bucharest. The delegation members were assured that the law on dog management was a law on "adoption, not on "euthanasia" and the citizens had access to public shelters which were totally transparent and complying with the law.

For further information on the situation of Romanian dogs and this press conference, please read Press Conference Details as well as The Greatest Animal Genocide in European History

Please watch this video of the conference, kindly provided by the Press Center of the EU- Parliament:
Video of the Conference

The following are excerpts from a Huffington Post UK article by Rita Pal. Read the entire article on the Huffington Post UK website.

The plight of Romanian dogs and the subsequent 14 day cull law has caused uproar. Mass protests were held all over Europe and the US. Social networks were buzzing with criticism of the Romanian authorities. Hundreds of petitions backed by famous animal rights activists circulated. Last year, all of these concerns fell upon deaf ears, leading us to question whether anyone was awake in officialdom.

Brief conclusions of their visits were as follows:

  1. Romanian authorities had assured the delegates that canine population control was conducted according to European Standards. The delegation found that there was a major discrepancy between what the authorities had told them during their first visit and what they found on site during their second visit.
  2. Adoption from shelters was impossible due to an enormous amount of red tape/obstacles.
  3. Dogs were left without food and water at some of the shelters visited.
  4. There was a serious failure in the monitoring of shelter conditions.
  5. The whole procedure of catching, keeping and anesthetizing one dog is rewarded with €250. It would be much cheaper and efficient to use these resources for sterilization of these animals. Therefore, the number of animals would be reduced.
  6. Romania would benefit from further transparency in dog shelters to ensure a higher level of compliance with European standards.

This has been the first ray of light from officialdom at the European Parliament.

Dr. Aurelian Stefan

Commenting on their visit, Dr. Aurelian Stefan D.V.M (who is the Veterinary Director [Romania Animal Rescue (RAR)/Animal Spay and Neuter International] based in Romania) stated:

"In my opinion, the EU should push Romania to develop a Master Plan to improve the animal welfare in Romania. Visiting shelters might help but that can be achieved by watching the footage on the web. Romania does not have a strategy and does not have cases of concrete measures such as fines or even jail time for animal abusers. In this respect, there is total silence and total neglect.

Shelters are the most horrible places that will never be visitor-friendly and when you are allowed in, there is no difference between a Nazi extermination camp and a shelter like the Craiova shelter. Most of the dogs spayed in this town (over 7000) were spayed with help from RAR, and RAR also enabled local charities to get donations from our friends in the USA and Europe.

National strategy should include spay and neuter education, veterinary training and law enforcement. Of course, any other ideas are welcome. It is a simple strategy but such complex implementation that needs European help and pressure."

Spay/Neuter Update »

Iasi Spayathon

Iasi Spayathon Iasi Spayathon Iasi Spayathon
These cats were spayed/neutered at the event.

The animal lovers in Iasi are extremely grateful for your continued support for our cat spay program! The city of Iasi provides for spay/neuter of dogs:

Romania Animal Rescue, Inc continues the free cats spay/neuter project in Iasi thanks to the immense support of its donors. The RAR project aims to reduce the cats population by spaying and neutering owned cats and free-roaming cats, this being the only efficient way to avoid unwanted litters, kittens abandonment, but also numerous health problems. Please, spay/neuter your cat! Happy and healthier cats! No more stray cats!

These cats were brought in by their owners and/or protectors to be fixed and then they are taken home to recuperate. Cold winter weather does not permit stray cats to be returned back to the streets. They need more time to be safe and well. Many thanks to RAR donors who support our work in Iasi! Romania Animal Rescue is the only charity that is providing free spay/neuter for cats in Iasi, Romania's second largest city. Please help us to spay/neuter more cats in Iasi to keep kittens from ending up on the streets.

Help us spay/neuter cats

Bucharest Plea

We received this plea from a local animal welfare association in Bucharest.

Dear Nancy and Romania Animal Rescue,
We have initiated the creation of an association for the protection of the animals, in a small ordinary Romanian village located 30 miles (50 km) from Bucharest. Our association does not have at this time an entitled veterinarian doctor and therefore spaying and neutering are not yet performed there. There are dogs and cats everywhere in the village and the growth of their population is out of control, with more and more animals every day. Some of the young ones are killed at birth, the others are abandoned in the fields and have to fight hunger and disease or die in a painful and slow death. We are desperate for your help in this peasant village near Bucharest.

The residents of the village are not educated to deal with this problem. Most of them don't even think of neutering or spaying. Any additional cost related to the animal population control would be beyond their meager resources. What our association would like to accomplish is to raise public awareness of the situation, to teach the local people useful actions that could be taken locally. To teach them respect for all the living creatures. With patience and perseverance, little by little, we believe a lot could be accomplished. We are ready to do what is necessary to reach our goals. We hope you will help us with spay/neuter and with education booklets.

Thank you with all our hearts! Oana and Rucsandra

Animal Spay/Neuter International's Outstanding Spayathon in The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic Spayathon The Dominican Republic Spayathon
Animal Spay/Neuter International in the Dominican Republic
for February! 489 Spays/Neuters

Animal Spay and Neuter International has just completed its first spay and neuter trip in the Dominican Republic in collaboration with several local welfare groups. It took six months of planning and finally on the 4th February our team (Dr Aurelian Stefan, Dr Petrisor Stefan, Ruth Osborne and Luminita Negrila) departed from Romania.

The Dominican Republic Spayathon The Dominican Republic Spayathon

Our first three surgery days were spent alongside volunteers from Pets Breeding Control. Dr Lourdes Ripley, Alexandra Morillo and Dr Geraldine Mejia Soto organised an amazing number of hardworking volunteers and both groups formed one well oiled team in a short space of time. The recovery station was packed with volunteers that look after the dogs and cats at all times, measure their temperatures, administer parasite treatments, recovery drugs and fluids if required. Lead by Julie, they were a vital part of the campaign. We saw more Chihuahuas in a few hours than we treat in Romania in a whole year!

Our vets were also able to share the surgical techniques they use to ensure a minimally invasive surgery with quick recovery. Ruth Osborne spent some time teaching volunteers Nancy Ines Ramirez Castillo and Raul Morillo about anaesthesia and patient preparation. They were the stars of the campaign and kept up with the speed of the ASNI team which is not an easy task.

The Dominican Republic Spayathon The Dominican Republic Spayathon

A small farm offered us their workshop to operate in, still we have no running water but there is electricity which is not always the case in the DR. About 30 animals were operated for the local people including some stray dogs from the beach. A small number for us but it meant the world to locals who have no way of getting their dogs to a vet if we did not go to them.

In one place we are touched by the love and care of the local people. One little Chihuahua recovers a little slower than normal, so her owner sits with her in the hot sun, patiently rubbing her to keep her warm until we are happy she is awake enough to go home. The family who own the land where we were working cook us rice, beans and fish with coconut milk sauce. Very tasty! It was nice to sit in the shade out of the scorching sun with everyone while we ate. It was very hot but we carried on.

The Dominican Republic Spayathon The Dominican Republic Spayathon

The ASNI team ended their tour of the Dominican Republic in Las Terrenas with Asociacion Amigos de Lucky. Founders Miriam and Andreas Busch have been holding large scale neutering campaigns in the area for the last 10 years since they moved to The Dominican Republic from Germany. On the way we stopped to pick up two female dogs who have been producing litters after litters and circumstances were perfect this time for they to be spayed.

Miriam told us she has noticed a big difference with the street dogs. People are much more positive and accepting of dogs that are tagged as spayed and vaccinated. The dogs are living longer and there are now grey muzzles to be seen! A total of 489 dogs were sterilised, one eye removed, one leg amputated and a broken leg cast.

Help Us Continue To Provide Free Spay/Neuter and Animal Care

Animal Spay/Neuter International works tirelessly on behalf of the homeless animals. Besides the thousands of spay and neuter surgeries we do every year we are also involved in the treatment of homeless animals who without us would be left to suffer in silence. Broken bones, preventable diseases, intoxication, horrible skin conditions, accidental as well as intentional injuries we see it all.

More spay/neuter by ASNI

Help us spay/neuter pets

Animal Care »

Meet Picky


Adrian from Bucharest sent us this update on Picky, a dog that was hit by a car:

Picky has been neutered, vaccinated and deparasited internally and externally. He now has a cip, a number and a Health Book. He's happy, he jumps and runs around and his leg is a lot better. He can now stand on his back legs and he's stepping on it almost like before he was hit. His eyesight and his hearing aren't all that great but that is due to his age.

His hair has gotten softer and his skin is a lot cleaner thanks to the deparasitation.

During this period of time, from the moment he got hit until today, the end day of his "treatment", I got to see him. I realised how smart he is, how compliant and trustful he is and how he only needs little things to be joyful. And I got to see how beautiful he can be. When I scratch his back and his chest and under his ears, he cuddles to my feet like a cat and that is simply beautiful.

All in all, I think this event, of him getting hit by a car, has come as a heads-up for me and a chance for him to be seen. It made me realise that he is my responsibility and I should take care of him to the best of my ability, it made me see how special he is and in return, he gets cared for and loved in his last steps on the ladder of life.

But all this wouldn't have been possible without your financial help! At a time where the best solution was to put him under adoption, you helped me keep him and more. All it took is for you to know that a dog is in pain. That was all you needed to jump in and help as much as you can. So thank you! Thank you for your support and thank you for Almavet and for their professionalism and dedication and, of course, the extra heads-up to what my responsibility is.

Help us care for more animals

Eye Care in Moreni

Kitten Needing Eye Care

A kitten was brought into our spayathon in Tecuci with a damaged eye that had been hurt and causing pain since the cat was a kitten. Our wonderful vet team removed the eye and castrated this sweet fellow. His owner is so grateful to you for sponsoring this act of love and compassion for his best friend.

What We Need »

AND AWAY WE GO!!! The RAR Dream Team, having successfully completed the 97 free spays/neuters in Moreni as our monthly campaign there continues, and still completing our 300 free spays in Craiova for World Spay Month, is now returning to Tecuci next week to provide more free spays/neuters for dogs and cats. We are also going to help Mrs Silvia in Visina. Altogether 111 dogs are booked for spay/neuter, and 50 cats. Your donations at work!

Moreni Spayathon Moreni Spayathon

Next week: Spayathon in Tecuci

Upcoming if we can get the funding:

  • Spayathon for Bucharest Peasant Village dogs
  • Spayathon in Adjud
  • Spayathon in Vatra Dornei (Facebook event is fundraising for Vatra Dornei thanks to Sue Roberts and Maz Foulger)
  • Spay/neuters for Iasi cats with our free campaign in Iasi

In planning stages if we can get the funding:

  • Spayathon in Bistrita villages and the village of Suplac
  • Spayathon in Comanesti
  • Spayathon in Craiova
  • Spayathon for village of Miroslava dogs (in increments as not set up for a large campaign all at once)
  • Hopes: Another spayathon in Braila.

Moreni Spayathon Moreni Spayathon

We need donations to accomplish all of these campaigns. We can only provide help if we have the funds. Thank you friends. Let's stop giving the authorities the animals to kill, starve or abuse. Let's stop the corruption of people making money off the animals at its source. If you are like us, you are sickened and heartbroken by the horrible treatment of animals in shelters and on the streets. Animals imprisoned for the crime of simply being born. Please help us to stop this seemingly never ending cycle. Thank you. We receive requests daily to come and help in communities, and for individuals.

We need your help in order to return to other campaigns such as Adjud, Bucharest, Bucharest Peasant villages, Bistrita, Braila, Craiova, Vatra Dornei, Tecuci, Moreni (an endless list really). Please help us to provide more free spays/neuters and vet treatments for these animals so that the killing and abuse of unwanted animals will stop. We need YOU to help us continue this vital work! Thank you!

Help us spay/neuter pets

Adoptions »

4 Pups Travel to LA for Adoption

Sasha heading for Los Angeles

This is the story of Sasha, a 9-month-old stray, and 3 abandoned 7-month-old sisters, Jasmine, Belle, and Cinderella, all rescued from the streets of Romania. Stray dogs are, unfortunately, a common sight in Eastern Europe. Sadly, they often live precarious, short lives. The lucky ones find shelter with local animal-loving households. The rest will get hit by cars, suffer through the brutal elements, get poisoned and beaten, succumb to injuries and disease, or simply starve to death. The street dogs who wind up in the local animal shelters are often faced with a terrible fate as well: Stuck in crowded, filthy kennels with little to no food to go around.

Belle heading for Los Angeles

With help from local animal lovers, the plight of the street dog is being heard around the world. Sasha is one of these lucky dogs--born on the unforgiving streets--but given a second chance at happiness! Sasha and her sister were two months old when they were brought into a foster home in the city of Tecuci, Romania. Unfortunately, Sasha's sister was too ill and did not make it. Sasha is a fighter, and she has survived the worst. Over the past couple of months, she has been nursed back to health and has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. She has been socializing with the other animals at her foster home; she is friendly and ready for adoption!

Cinderella heading for Los Angeles

The three sisters, all beautiful mutts of mystery origin, were also abandoned on the streets when they were barely 2 months old. They've been living with Sasha's foster in Tecuci ever since, but they haven't found homes yet. They are now approximately 7 months old, spayed, and ready for permanent homes. They are now traveling to Los Angeles to be adopted!!! We are confident that, once they arrive in Los Angeles, families will be scrambling to give them the love they absolutely deserve! Doggies911, a 501(c)(3) dog rescue group in Los Angeles and Romania Animal Rescue, another 501(c)(3) with a mission to help unfortunate animals in Romania, are working together for this amazing mission. Thanks to donations from the public and substantial funding, these pups will be transported next week from Romania to Los Angeles. There they will be vetted and live in luxury while awaiting their new homes. Thank you for reading this story of love. Bon Voyage Sasha and 3 Sisters!

Jasmine heading for Los Angeles

Message from Toby »

Thank you, Ruth Osborne, for putting this ad together. Toby had a broken front leg at about 14 weeks old. Although the bone healed, the ligaments in the other front leg are stretched and not as tight as they should be. He is now under the care of Speranta Pentru Animale Craiova.
Hi, I'm Toby from Romania
To get me into a nice new home and off the street can cost around US$800 (€500, £500), which doesn't even include the vet fees for repairing my broken leg!
For this amount, Romania Animal Rescue can spay 37 females, which means after 1 year, 576 puppies can be saved from suffering like I have.

Our Thanks »

Thank you to Sue Roberts and Maz Foulger for your amazing fundraising event for the Romanian spay/neuter campaigns on Facebook as well as an auction to raise funds for RAR spay/neuter!

Thank you to Olive Walker for sponsoring the entire Tecuci Spayathon for March!

Thank you to Tamra Martin of Band G Martin, and Sterilize Dogs NL for supporting the work of RAR and ASNI!

Thank you to Mayhew Animal Home for sponsoring the printing of educational booklets for us to distribute in Romania!

Thank you to Ariane Coury for all your volunteer work to promote Romania Animal Rescue events on Facebook:
All Things Bright and Beautiful Auction
Vet Training Camp Fund Event
No More Homeless Dogs in Romania
Red Card Romania T-Shirt Fundraiser
Spay/Neuter Romania

Thank you to Mandy Easter for your blogs and sharing for RAR and ASNI, and for you know what else :) !

Thank you to the most amazing donors in the world--reaching out to help the animals that desperately need our help in the most dire of circumstances.

Thank you to the Dream Team of Vets and techs: Aurelian Stefan, Petrisor Stefan, Irina Corbu, Roxana Stan, Ioana Preda, Ioana Popescu, Ruth Osborne, Luminita Negrila, Cosmina Vasile, Valeria Chivu, Miruna Berzuc, Livioara Rotariu, Lelia Creanga, Anda Popescu, Mihaela Raducanu, Suzy Morris, and the RAR Board of Directors

With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID: 72-1546354)