70 cats and dogs (34 female dogs, 2 male dogs, 29 cats and 5 tomcat) were spayed/neutered during this spayathon. A collective effort to end needless suffering.

Thank you to our Dream Team of amazing vets:  Aurelian Stefan, the tireless vets and assistant vets Rescueyhdistys Kulkurit / Rescue Association Hobo Dogs, Finland and Salla Honkapää for the financial supportMs Dolores Iosupescu, Alice Ionescu, Laura Cristina Dumitrascu, Dinca Ruxandra, Szilaghi Florina, Rebeca Ghimis, Bianca Murarita, Marin and his brother Ghita for the continuous dedication for the well-being of animals and the hard work Georgescu Alina for preparing a tasty lunch; Claudia Fessler and Uschi Wegrath for the generous donations of pet pads and flea treatment as well as medical supplies Antje Meyer-Adams for the donation of childrens clothes, shoes and school supplies; Mrs Mariana Schuster for a donation of flea treatments. Petre and his father, Gheorghe for the assistance with transportation, loading and unloading of the heavy boxes last but not least, the vicemayor of Gruiu, Geo Ghiulea for the support of the spay-neuter program in the village of Gruiu, Ilfov, together with Mr Vali Mihalcea and Dr L. Banu. Thank you all! Together we make a difference