Another Rescue by Homeless Animal Hospital
This little soul was found begging for food near a bakery where this man goes every day to buy bread. Read more
Changing the Future Generation
Education is key to change and to teaching the future generation of the importance of spaying/neutering. Read more
The story of this little kitty is remarkable and shows that only through compassion and through... Read more
This sweet dog, named Lexi, was found in a terrible state and rushed to Homeless Animal Hospital clinic. Read more
Another Precious Life saved by HAH
Bella was suffering from a tumor but lives in a small village in Romania where there is no... Read more
In the Arms of a Savior and HAH
This sweet, but homeless dog was taken for treatment to us, now he feels safe in the arms of his savior... Read more
Giving a cat another life
Giving dogs and cats another chance at life is what Homeless Animal Hospital does. This precious little cat was given another life... Read more
Chester, brought back to health by HAH
Hurting and along, brought in by caring people to Homeless Animal Hospital... Read more
Your life saving bricks at work: Homeless and with a huge tumor till she was brought to us for surgery... Read more


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