Lulu's Story, another hurting dog treated and saved by Homeless Animal Hospital
This is why we are building the new center……They need us and we build it for them… Read more
The story of Priya, another stray dog...and the care that Homeless Animal Hospital have him
This is the story of Priya - Just another dog from the streets of Craiova who came from the hell hole public shelter of Breasta... Read more
A Happy Ending for Max, a Dog in Need
Max was taken in my Homeless Animal Hospital and treated and saved from parvo and returned in full health to his family... Read more
Saving Tom's Life, a Homeless Cat in Need
Hit by a car and brought in by a good Samaritan.....Homeless Animal Hospital welcomed this cat in need with open arms... Read more
Animal Care, Homeless Animal Hospital
Latest dog rescue by Homeless Animal Hospital... Read more
HAH, Animal Care
My name is....ooops i never had a name. I was born somewhere around a busy national road in Romania... Read more
Another life saved
This little guy was found by a family...he had nerve damage and wounds on one leg. They didn't know what to do with him.... Read more
Lucky to have been found and treated by Homeless Animal Hospital
This poor stray dog was found on the side of the road covered in blood....Rescued by Mama Hopes Place and... Read more
Why Spaying & Neutering is so Important!
The point of view of a stray. I am nothing, a nobody. Born on the street to fight for my survival day after day... Read more


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