Costa was bitten while in the care of a good Samaritan. After two weeks of hospitalization and surgery... Read more
Another Dog Rescue by Homeless Animal Hospital
Another dog rescue by Homeless Animal hospital. Dog rescued, treated and put for adoption. Read more
Patient of the week at HAH. He was found On the side of the road and taken home by a Good MAN that lives in a village near Craiova. The puppy was named MAX but yet something was wrong ....MAX was not Waiting and was weak and vomited many times a day . The MAN  iertired early as His only daughter needed help to go to school . His wife has multiple sclerosis and can not work So is well understood that the costs at the vets were not easy for the Family and we diagnozed Max with parvovirus infection. The girk w
Puppy found on the side of the road by a caring man, who adopted the puppy and brought him... Read more
Animal Care, Homeless Animal Hospital
Latest dog rescue by Homeless Animal Hospital... Read more
Helping low income family's puppy in need
This is why we are building the new center……They need us and we build it for them…for all the stray dogs... Read more
Happy Holidays from Homeless Animal Hospital
My name is Roxie ...I was crossing the road one day when my life completely changed... Read more
Indo, low income family dog helped by HAH
Here is what your bricks are used for... to build the new Romania Animal Rescue Center in Bucharest... Read more
Stray Cat rescued and treated by Homeless Animal Hospital
Stray cat found on side of the road severely injured and brought in to the Homeless Animal Hospital... Read more
Puppy rescued by good Samaritan
This puppy was found and rescued by a good Samaritan. it was rushed to Homeless Animal Hospital for intensive care... Read more


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