Puppy rescued by good Samaritan
This puppy was found and rescued by a good Samaritan. it was rushed to Homeless Animal Hospital for intensive care... Read more
Lupita on the examination table
Lupita was found abandoned by a Good Samaritan and brought to Homeless Animal Hospital. Here is what was found... Read more
At the spay/neuter project someone brought this injured kitty and asked for our opinion. What did we find?... Read more
Dog treated by Homless Animal Hospital
Max, a little German pointer, from a low income family, treated and saved by Homeless Animal Hospital... Read more
Ceacu, Calarasi Spayathon, October 2015
What a great day for the animals lovers in Ceacu, Calarasi! Read more
Dog with amputated leg does not represent family
A while ago a rich man found this dog on the streets of Craiova and took it too Homeless Animal Hospital... Read more
Vatra Dornei Spayathon
Mission Accomplished! The Vatra Dornei spayathon was held August 7 and 8. 51 animals were spayed/neutered... Read more
Animal Care
This tumor was most likely a mammary tumor that can be prevented by spaying females... Read more
Sky was brought in to be spayed by Romania Animal Rescue in Moreni and discovered she had a broken hind leg... Read more


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