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Seasons Greetings and all the best from Romania Animal Rescue and
Animal Spay/Neuter International!

Just a short message to thank you, our fabulous supporters, and to wish you Happy Holidays! Our November spay/neuter totals reached 593 animals. As a result of a these operations, untold thousands of unborn animals will no longer reproduce to be hit by cars, succumb to horrible diseases, get poisoned, killed in shelters. RAR/ASNI is approaching 10,000 spays and neuters for the year of 2016, and close to 54,000 will be reached in total work by year's end. Special thanks to the Dream Team of Veterinarians and Technicians who make this all possible! Thank you to the USA Board of Directors for RAR, Trustees for ASNI, Trustees for WAVE Germany, and Trustees for WAVE Romania that see to it that this charity, with all its international branches, helps so many animals in Romania! Thank you to the fundraising volunteers who have used their unique skills to create events, auctions, "Buy It Now" campaigns, raffles and other fundraising events. Thank you to those who participate in these events and donate. Together we have achieved what we were told would never happen, tens of thousands of spays and neuters, free and subsidized veterinary care, veterinary training, and printing and distribution of education books.

Spayathon Memories
Brezoaiele reunites with her owner after a spay procedure.

Our biggest need at this time is a van so that we can transport animals from rural locations to the Center of Hope for spay/neuter and veterinary care. We need to reach a massive amount of animals, and our Center will have the capability to helping thousands and thousands, but we need to be able to get them to the help they need. We hope that you can give a gift to the animals at this time and help us to purchase this extremely important van. Thank you friends. We will not let you or the animals down!

This year the Center of Hope which began as just a dream became a reality! Our pre-opening event welcomed friends from all over Europe, the USA and Canada. While still fundraising for equipment at this time, we hope to have the Center fully functional by Spring of 2017. Thank you to the donors and fundraisers who have done so much to help.

Center of Hope Opening
Center of Hope Opening

The first Hopeathon campaigns were done en mass in villages, although HOPE the mobile had a history of helping in villages previously, the Hopeathons worked consecutive days with international volunteers to reach many villages near Craiova to stop abandonment, provide veterinary care, and educate the public.

Our new website was launched in 2016, thanks to the amazing work of Ingrid Zohar, Rob Cole, Oana Gusatu, Madalina Nicolae and Diana Nicolae.

Table at the Christmas Fayre in London
Christmas Fayre, London

Our friends from the UK joined together at the ASNI booth at the Christmas Fayre in London on December 4, raising awareness about our work in Romania and in other impoverished countries. Thank you wonderful amazing hard working team!

Spay/Neuter Results
RAR Service Map of Romania
Map of Romania, with counties in which we have provided service

Welcome, Frumuşani, Clinceni, and Campineanca, to our growing spay/neuter family!

Visit our website for a full list of cities, towns and villages in Romania that we have helped.

Thank you for your support in helping us reach out to all of these cities, towns, and villages in Romania! Thanks to your support, 593 spay/neuter procedures were performed in November.

November Totals
  • Bucharest 61
  • Campineanca 82
  • Clinceni 112
  • Craiova 82
  • Iasi 50
  • Frumuşani 23
  • Moreni 35
  • Tecuci 98
  • Tg. Frumos 50
TOTAL: 593

RAR/ASNI Helping the People and Animals of Romania

Here is a video from Homeless Animal Hospital project, this took place in Craiova at Family Vet clinic:

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The Homeless Animal Hospital project reaches out to help animals that have no other means of help. Strays brought in by rescuers and Good Samaritans, animals of impoverished people. This project reaches all our campaigns, often providing surgery for animals in remote locations that are suffering and would die of their ailments without our intervention, as many communities we reach have no veterinary facilities.

Breezy, aka Caddy
Breezy found a home in the UK thanks to Anda Popescu's work

Breezy is happy in her new home now. You may recall Breezy, brought into the Brezoaiele campaign by a Good Samaritan, with broken bones, full of parasites, and in serious pain. She now has a new lease on life and a happily ever after home!

Breezy, in the UK
Breezy loving the good life in the UK

Romanian schoolchildren receiving education booklets
Romanian schoolchildren receiving education booklets

We will be back with a Year End update for you. Thank you for your help, please continue to support our monumental work for the Romanian animals and those in other places such as Bulgaria, Greece, and some new exciting locations we hope to serve in 2017.

Tg. Frumos Spayathon
In Tg. Frumos, a pet guardian gets showered in kisses by a grateful patient

All the best to you and yours,
Nancy Janes, Dr. Aurelian Stefan, and the entire RAR, ASNI, WAVE teams!

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Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
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US Tax ID (RAR): 72-1546354


Romania Animal Rescue
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Registered Charity Number: 1157935
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Include our Tax ID when itemising
RAR/ASNI charitable contributions
in your UK Tax Return:

Registered Charity Number (ASNI): 1157935

In Romania

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