by Anda Popescu, RAR Vet Tech, Leader of small NGO for dogs in Romania

One day my life changed: I couldn’t see a thing, but I could hear and smell plenty. I somehow knew I had a mom and brothers, I could feel them; but every time my mom came to feed us, I sure knew I had a tummy. I am not quite sure what that is, but she talks a lot…she must be a girl. My mom keeps my tummy quiet, that’s good; my brothers must have tummies of their own, they fight me when lunch time comes. Lucky for all of us we have a mother.

My mom has no more food…I suckle hard, but nothing comes to my tummy. She is mad and screams at me all the time. I am afraid to go look for something to eat, what if I can’t find my way back? My brothers are upset too, their tummies shout a lot at them as well.

I got separated from my family, I don’t know how. I cried a lot, but my mom doesn’t hear me. It’s scary to be alone…My tummy is angry all the time, she fusses and turns and it hurts. I can smell yummy things all around, I chase the smells, but I can’t find anything. My tummy is punching me and it hurts a lot; she is not my friend. I did find some places where people keep food, it smells wonderful. My nose is up in the air, trying to catch all the smells, but my tummy is still upset. If only yummy smells would keep my tummy happy…

I don’t know how long it was since I last ate something that made my tummy shut up, she has been shouting for so long…I have a headache. I tried to give her something, but all I found was a thing that keeps the food for people, they call it “bag”. It’s not tasty, but it smells like food; then I went to a place where people throw away what they don’t want. I found something, but there were a lot of big dogs looking for food and one of them growled at me and bit my ear…it hurt a lot.

People eat all the time. I looked at them and I think this is all they do all day. I once stared at a lady who was eating the yummiest thing ever, they call it “meat”. I looked at her, I told her I was so hungry and that my tummy is hurting badly, but she didn’t hear me. I put a paw on her shoe to get her to look at me and she did…she kicked me and scream “get away, you ugly mutt!” That hurt…I didn’t know I was ugly…

I finally gave my tummy a piece of my mind today. I told her we should forget about food, I can’t find any. “But there is so much food all around, grrrr!!!!” she screamed. “Not for us” I said “ There is never any food for ugly mutts like us”. I am weak and tired, I want to go to sleep forever…that would keep my tummy quiet, for a change.

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