RAR / ASNI Newsletter July 2015

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Animal Spay/Neuter International


Crowdfunding »

Spay/Neuter in Bulgaria

We are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new crowdfunding campaign in partnership with the crowdfunding website, LoveAnimals.org and we need your help.

Crowdfunding is a fun way for you to help Romania Animal Rescue dba Animal Spay/Neuter International raise money for critically needed projects. For a small donation (think $10 or less) you can make a huge difference at RAR/ASNI. Here's all you need to do:

  • Visit our crowdfunding page and read about our project. We are trying to raise $5000 to spay/neuter dogs in Bulgaria.
  • Click the donate button and give as much as you feel comfortable providing.
  • Tell your friends. The project has links to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+
  • Sit back and watch our project get funded and know that you made it happen. It's that easy!
  • Thanks again for all of your support. We really appreciate your help and we thank you for participating in this wonderful new technology with us.

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Newsletter Dedications

Many beloved Angels have passed on this month, and we would like to dedicate this newsletter to them:

Tigger, the beloved kitty of Diane White. She will be missed forever.

Schmoozie, the sweet kitty of Christina Babst, rescued from a horrible fate and cherished forever

Lucky, camera shy
Lucky, an RAR rescue from Galati from years back, who died recently from kidney failure

Heidi, Sue Blythe's soulmate who will be missed eternally

We will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge, dear friends.

Dear Romania Animal Supporters »

Dear RAR and ASNI Friends,

The summer has brought us new campaigns and travels to new locations, both in Romania and Bulgaria. We are very pleased with the progress being made on so many fronts:

  • with spay/neuter, now over 36,000 in Romania alone and almost 38,800 including work with ASNI;
  • with the Homeless Animals Hospital project, providing help for the animals that would otherwise never receive treatment;
  • with the Veterinary Training Camp so that we can train even more vets on highly skilled surgical techniques; and
  • with education at events, schools, and in the community.

Our new mobile clinic, "Hope", was delivered to Romania and is already reaching extremely remote locations to provide excellent veterinary services. A united global community came together to make "Hope" a reality, and what a lovely group of people and charities helped!

ASNI plans to go back to Bulgaria to continue to help with spay/neuter there and we also wish to train local vets on the techniques that our Dream Team uses so they can provide safe surgeries in their communities.

Reaching out for help is never easy my friends, but only with your assistance and continued support are we able to do the vital work for the animals. Thank you very much for your funding for our campaigns.

With love,
Nancy Janes

Stay informed about our animal care program in Romania by visiting: Homeless Animal Hospital, and Facebook page.


Dear Friends,

I am very happy to share with you our spectacular news from last month. The Dream Team crossed the Danube to help in a poor rural area in Bulgaria where the local animals have no access to basic vet care. We spent three days helping in Bulgaria and we surely want to return in order to establish a regular helpline for the animals in the area called "Peach Valley". The area where we help stretches over 1000 km from north to south and the Danube becomes a link between countries and not a border.

June was the month that we received "Hope" our new Spay-mobile. It already helped an elderly lady in a village 120 km away from Bucharest that had 20 dogs in her care and she feared that she would run out of food in case of new born pups. Once the spays and neuters were done the elderly lady was so relieved she waved us good bye in tears. "Hope" is a real head turner as people have never seen such a Spaymobile and all of a sudden we are on everyone's lips.

Back in the clinic "Homeless Animal Hospital" is as busy as ever. Every day we receive cases of homeless dogs or cats that are treated for various medical conditions and given a second chance in life. None of the animals treated at HAH are returned on the streets. They are going in foster care, shelters or direct to a loving home. I am very happy to tell you that it works. Our system pays off: A big percentage of the animals brought to us are adopted by the people who found them. It is a wonderful thing. This is our biggest reward knowing that we helped a lost soul find a new loving home. I dedicate all our work to you, our special supporters and friends because without you our power to help will be very weak but together we are stronger for the animals in need! Thank you for standing by us and our efforts to prevent cruelty and pain for as many animals as possible. God bless you.

Sent from beautiful Romania by
Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM
ASNI/RAR General Manager,
Familyvet Veterinary Clinic

The RAR Map of Romania

Thank You for your support in helping us reach out to all of these cities, towns, and villages in Romania! We would like to welcome Panciu to our family of spay/neuter towns.

ASNI Spay/neuter procedures funded

ASNI/RAR funded 1326 spay/neuter procedures in Bulgaria, Bucharest, Carei, Cluj, Craiova, Miroslava Village, Moreni, Panciu, Ramnicu Sarat, Tecuci, Vatra Dornei, and HOPE's missions to villages.

36,567 in Romania alone, 38,961 worldwide.

Online Fundraisers »
Upcoming Projects »

While RAR/ASNI have ongoing spay campaigns in Craiova, Bucharest, Moreni, Vatra Dornei as our funding allows, we also have been asked to go to the following villages and towns:

  • Adjud
  • Bacau (thank you Elizabeth Elstob for funding 200 spays in Bacau!)
  • Buzau
  • Ceaucu
  • Gaeti
  • Galati
  • Oltenita
  • Petrosani
  • Sighetu
  • Tecuci
  • and return to Bulgaria once again to help Lucy and the animals of the ghetto village.

We are also gearing up for yet another massive spayathon for Craiova once again with our international friends volunteering. The goal will be 600 spays and neuters.

Your donations are the only way we can fulfill our goals and help others who ask us for help. Your donation of US$25, €22, or GB£16 makes the difference in whether or not hundreds will be born to suffer. Thank you very much for your help and support!

The Veterinary Training Camp has been asked to train a number of vets this year. This week VTC trained a veterinarian from Greece, and soon veterinarians from Spain and the UK will attend. Two veterinarians from Cluj have asked for training, and two veterinarians from Sighetu. Another veterinarian from San Jose, CA will be traveling to Romania to attend the Veterinary Training Camp to learn keyhole techniques for spaying from the RAR Dream Team. Thank you to Elizabeth Elstob and and our anonymous donor "In Memory of Sasha" for covering the cost of two VTC veterinarians from Romania! We are seeking help to cover the costs for two more trainings for Romanian vets please. GB£1000 is the cost to train a vet on highly skilled surgical techniques for spay/neuter and includes lodging at the clinic, and this training will enable vets to return to their communities to spay and neuter with a high level of skill.

Spay/Neuter Update »


Bulgaria Spayathon, July 2015
Our Dream Team in Bulgaria

This month our ASNI Spay/Neuter Dream Team traveled south to Bulgaria to run a Spayathon with Dogs of the Ghetto (DOG). Castaway Lucy, from DOG, wrote a journal of the event. To read the full excerpt, go to Mandy Easter's Blog.

Before hearing about ASNI, my tiny outfit, Dogs Of the Ghetto had arranged 50 spay/neuters, over the course of a year. DOG helps people with little themselves to care for their dogs, providing food, kennels and medicine. Education about what dogs need to be healthy and happy, is also offered. But puppies are often dumped among the Roma-–children as young as two given them like sweets. Those which survive, go on to breed. Alone, we could not keep up. Then, thanks to friend's tip, I contacted Nancy Janes, and suddenly, ASNI was coming!

Thank you, faithful facebook friends of Castaway Lucy and Dogs Of the Ghetto, for providing the means to welcome ASNI. And thank you, ASNI, for not only performing your wonders in our particular situation so efficiently and endearingly but also leaving hope for real change in the bigger picture, over time.

Please support this campaign and others like it that we continually do in Romania and thank you!

Support Spay/Neuter

Animal Care »

Homeless Animals Hospital project treats animals that would otherwise not receive help. Your donations allow this to happen. This month, HAH treated numerous animals. We would like to share a few of their stories with you.


Clara Clara

This poor sweetheart, now named Clara, was found by the local charity, Speranta, having been hit by a car, lying in a ditch in the blazing heat. Her body temperature was 42°C (108°F). HAH was tasked with bringing her temperature down and helping her breathe as her thorax had been injured in the car accident. She is now recovered and is at the Speranta shelter.


Cat transported on a bicycle Cat getting treatment

This man rode his bicycle 20 km (12 miles) to bring in this injured kitty for free treatment at HAH.

Parvo Pup

This puppy was brought into our clinic to be treated for Parvo

This pup has had a bad start. He was abandoned because of parvo and a skin condition. A good samaritan brought him in for treatment. Treated by the Homeless Animals Hospital amazing vets and techs, and now up for adoption. Here's to the start of a better life for him.

Your help helps so many. Please support our Homeless Animals Hospital project.

Support Animal Care

Education »

We at RAR work every day to bring about change in communities. Each time an animal is spayed or neutered, enters the Homeless Animals Hospital, or a vet attends the Veterinary Training Camp, we have achieved a landmark goal of educating the public. And they respond with telling their friends about our work, tell them about the free help we provide, the free literature for schools and community events.

Ham Ham Festival, Bucharest Ham Ham Festival, Bucharest

In June, RAR attended Ham Ham (Bark Bark) Festival in Bucharest to hand out education booklets to attendees. Our veterinarian, Dr. Aurelian Stefan (Dr. A) was invited as a guest to the United States Embassy Fourth of July Event. At this event, he met Romanian President Ioannis as well as other dignitaries, and was able to speak briefly with them about the need for animal welfare changes in Romania.

Hope Education Day Hope Education Day

Our new mobile clinic, "Hope", has done 2 missions in remote locations now, and is a valuable leader in education as well. An animal ambulance and spay clinic for Romania! "Hope" and Dr. A also held an event outside the American Corner (of the USA Embassy, Craiova) to educate local children on the need for animal welfare and spay/neuter.

Thanks to your donations and support, we are able to teach the children and others on humane treatment of animals, and perhaps there will be some future vets in the making as well!


Testimonials »

Elderly Romanian woman gets help

RAR was contacted by Florica, who asked us to please help her grandmother's animals. Here is the plea we received on our Facebook page:


I am asking you to help us sort out a situation that is about to become very sad for some animals. My grandmother, who is 85 years old, has taken under her protective wing, in her own household yard, a female doggie and a cat. Over the years, both of them gave birth to litters upon litters, therefore today there are 8 cats and 9 dogs , and 4 dogs are already pregnant now, again.

My grannie has no money to spay them and she won't accept to part with them. We, her grandchildren, we are trying desperately to find a solution to help her, a team of vets who would be willing to travel to Arges county, Badiceni village to get here and spay them because we have no means of transportation for all of them. Perhaps you can recommend somebody who would be able to help us with the transport in the best conditions for the animals.

The point is to have them fixed not to have so many pups again. The neighbors are already upset and there is always a risk of a really nasty scandal. If these doggies and cats will have more pups, that can lead to a really dangerous situation for all of them.

Hoping that our cry of help will find an echo in your heart, we thank you and we are looking forward to hearing from you.


Thanks to a donation from our dear friend Anne, all these animals were spayed/neutered, deparasited, and wormed. Dr. Roxana Stan and vet tech Anda Popescu traveled to reach this remote and very poor location. Anda told us how appreciative the family was, and the grandmother had tears in her eyes as they left. She never believed that she could be helped in such a way. A few days ago we received this thanks from Florica:

Dear RAR team,

Kindness and respect define us as people, and in an environment in which these qualities are found in increasingly rare, I believe that the desire to help those who need support ennobles human being. I am writing these lines, to send you heartfelt thanks, both on my part and from my grandparents for their efforts, but especially for the soul of kindness that you showed in your deed. Deplasadu your mountaintop, in a forgotten hamlet of time, you play a quiet old lady of 85 years, who cares eight dogs and nine cats, ajutad a castrate them. Also thank the sponsors who made possible this action. I am grateful for everything you have done and I wish you success in everything you accomplish.


With consideration, Florica"

Spay/Neuter for elderly Romanian woman's dogs

Our Thanks »

We would like to thank all the wonderful DONORS who made all this work possible! Thank you TCL Germany for all the wonderful work you did in making HOPE, the mobile clinic, a reality! Thank you Run for Animals e.V. (Germany), Kuono ry (Finland), 4 Stray Dogs (Norway), Fair Play for Strays (Germany), People4Pets (Germany), Baggys Legacy (UK), Dutch RAR Family (Holland), Pro K (Germany), HOBO Dogs (Finland) Bill Williams and Mary Young, Bonnie Siddons, Elizabeth Elstob, Margaret Gebhard, Richard Abbott, Pat Myers, Sir Tony Wilson, fabulous fundraisers Sue Roberts, Maz Foulger, Cassie Carney, Sue Blythe, Steph Blythe, Mishy Dunn, Diane White. Special thank you to Ylva for your two-for-one match for the spay/neuter event that generated more help for the animals!

Thank you Miriam, Frank, Tabitha and Helga. You're the greatest!

Thank you Suzy, Mandy, Maz, Ingrid, Claudia, May, Ariane, Chrissy and other friends who work so very hard to make this an outstanding charity. Thank you Baggys Legacy Vicki and Jan for finding homes for so many. Thank you Carol Byers of Animal Care Austria for finding homes for so many. Thank you Silke and Run for Animals for finding homes for so many.

And, thank you Dream Team. Bless this team of Romanian vets and techs and program coordinators who give it their all every day:
Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Dr. Petrisor Stefan, Dr. Roxana Stan, Dr. Miruna Berzuc, Dr. Ella Hodeianu, Dr. Livioara Rotaria, Dr. Andreea Nicolaev, Dr. Ioana Preda and Dr. Ioana Popescu;
Vet Techs: Ruth Osborne, Anda Popescu, Valeria Chivu;
Program Coordinators and everything else: Anda Popescue and Lelia Leandra.

Thank you to everyone who is part of this wonderful team!


With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID (RAR): 72-1546354)
(UK Registered Charity Number (ASNI): 1157935)