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Romania Animal Rescue, Inc
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
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Mobile Clinic »

Romania Animal Rescue Mobile Clinic

We would like to thank everyone who donated for the mobile clinic! A wonderful used Mercedes ambulance has been chosen in Germany and will go to Romania! Thank you to lovely people who donated, TCL, Helga, Tabitha, Frank, Miriam, Suzy Alexander, Fair Play for Strays Germany, Humane Society International, Richard, and to all the wonderful amazing people who pulled together to get this clinic! With this clinic, we can reach remote villages to provide spay/neuter services and animal care! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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Newsletter Dedications

We are dedicating this newsletter to the mother of Elizabeth Sundstrom. Your daughter loved you and will miss you forever.

We are also dedicating this newsletter to Ursu, the beloved sweetheart of Leslie Hahn. He was from Bucharest, a street puppy. Ursu, his siblings and mother were found on the streets in Bucharest and presented at the 2008 "Lords of the Street" event by RAR. Leslie fell in love with him on the spot and adopted him. He lived in Michigan along Lake Superior. He grew to be 180 pounds. He was a lovely Carpathian Mountain dog, who was just another stray in Romania, but loved and cherished by Leslie, her family and friends.
Rest in Peace darling, you will be missed forever.

Dedicated to Ursu

Dear Romania Animal Supporters »

Dear RAR and ASNI Friends,

Thank you for your support! So much has been accomplished thanks to your donations - we are now over 35,000 spays/neuters in Romania, and on our way to a total of 38,000 in total! None of this could be accomplished without your support!

The month of May included numerous campaigns, not the least of which was the massive Craiova Spayathon, that welcomed volunteers from all over Europe and the USA. And what great workers they were! Rory and I volunteered as well and were so honored to meet new people and work with them--all with the single goal of helping the animals. Many animals were brought into the Homeless Animals Hospital where the event took place. Some with fractures from car accidents, and it breaks our hearts to know that these animals births could have been prevented and they would not have ended up on the dangerous streets. We are working hard every day to prevent the unwanted suffering, and I hope you will continue to help us achieve this goal.

Dr. Aurelian Stefan and I were fortunate to appear on the news in Romania, as well as give a presentation to local Romanian students at the American Corner of the USA Embassy in Craiova about our work and the need for humane treatment of animals in Romania. The students were wonderful, and it was an honor to speak. Thank you Marjorie Stern for asking us to speak.

Thanks to great support, we will finally have our mobile unit to travel to remote villages for spay/neuter! Thank you to TCL in Germany for choosing the vehicle and making it perfect, thank you to all the wonderful donors and charities who helped us raise the funds for this long-time dream: To be able to reach some of the poorest villages to provide spay/neuter and vet care! Yes!

RAR was invited to the HAM (Bark) Festival in Bucharest, and our Bucharest Dream Team handed out education books to young and old! It is a great annual event and we were happy to be included!

I would like to thank all of you, each and everyone, who has made this charity what it is today. Thank you for understanding the importance for animal welfare in every country, and thank you for being there for our Romanian voiceless friends.

With love,
Nancy Janes

Dear Friends,

May was for the RAR "Dream Team" one of the busiest months this year. We had spay trips to Bacau, Odobesti, Tecuci and the big Spayathon at our base in Craiova where over 600 animals were spayed and neutered.

I would like to take you on a tour through the stations of the Spayathon: Animals arrive and are checked in and registered in the big book. The Veterinarian team takes over and the animals are spayed and taken into recovery. Here in this step there were wonderful volunteers who carried all the heavy dogs to and from the clipping-prepping station to the surgery room and further to recovery. In the recovery the animals received parasite treatment, a nice collar, a nice haircut and a big portion of TLC. Among the animals booked for spaying we spotted a sweet doggie that had a life threatening condition and we performed a successful open thorax surgery to save her life. After all the animals are operated the team prepared the instrument kits for next day - all in all about 4000 instruments were washed and cleaned to make about 600 surgical kits.

The days were long but there is something about the Spayathon that makes you not feel tired and look forward to the next day. Homeless Animal Hospital was very busy as well. Lots of homeless animals that otherwise would not have any chance received medical help from us in various ways: From simple exams to major surgeries, such as bone surgeries or amputations. 200 booklets were shipped to the Republic of Moldova, our sister country, to help spread the word about animal welfare and about spaying and neutering as the humane way to improve the life of pets all over the world.

We are looking forward towards our second trip to Bulgaria and we are waiting for our mobile clinic to arrive from Germany and to start cruising the poor villages and help on the spot. Village animals receive little veterinary care if any in their whole life and it is our goal to reach them and make their life easier and healthier. Our goal: No more homeless dogs. It is possible with your wonderful support. For this I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of all the souls we help every day.

Sent from beautiful Romania by
Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM
ASNI/RAR General Manager,
Familyvet Veterinary Clinic

Stay informed about our animal care program in Romania by visiting: Homeless Animal Hospital, and Facebook page.


The RAR Map of Romania

Thank You for your support in helping us reach out to all of these cities, towns, and villages in Romania!

We'd like to welcome Odobești to our family of spayathon towns.

ASNI Spay/neuter procedures funded

ASNI/RAR funded 1360 spay/neuter procedures in May and first week in June in Buzau, Craiova, Galati, Glina, Miroslava, Odobești, Rosiori de Vede, Tecuci.

35,311 in Romania alone, 37,565 worldwide.

Online Fundraisers »
Good News »

Marjorie Stern of the US Embassy in Bucharest asked Nancy Janes and Dr Aurelian Stefan to give a presentation at the American Corner in Craiova. On May 22, we spoke to students about the plight of the Romanian animals, issues at hand, and the work that RAR does to help alleviate suffering and needless killing of innocent animals, and how they can participate in getting more animals in for our spay/neuter campaigns. This was a wonderful opportunity to connect with local Romanian students, and everyone signed up to be a future volunteer! We even spotted a couple potential vets-to-be in the audience!

Thank you everyone. Read more about American Corner Craiova.

Spay/Neuter Update »


Craiova Spayathon, May 2015
Prepping dogs for transport

Craiova Spayathon, May 2015
Loading up the RAR van

Craiova Spayathon, May 2015
Comforting a dog at the Craiova Spayathon

Craiova Spayathon, May 2015
Patiently waiting for their turn

We are pleased to announce the results of our spayathon in Craiova. Thanks to the donors who contributed to this spayathon, we spayed/neutered 625 animals at the Homeless Animal Hospital!

The following is an excerpt from an article published in Mandy Easter's blog about this event. Read the entire article.

The spay campaign in Craiova began on Sunday 17th May, four volunteers arrived from the UK together with Nancy and Rory Janes and Suzy Morris from the USA. The full Team consisted of four vets including Dr Aurelian Stefan (Head Vet and RAR Manager) Dr Pepe Stefan, Dr Roxana Elena-Stan and Dr Miruna and Vet Techs Ruth Osborne and Anda Popescu.

Each day comprised of Canis Amator (Speranta Pentru Animale – Olividiu) and Frank Goralski (Handicapped Dogs and More) et al driving the RAR van at 6am to the outer remote villages of Craiova to collect dogs to bring to the Campaign. Often they would find stray dogs ontheir way also so brought them back for surgery and subsequent re-homing with Speranta or another wonderful organisation Friends for Life (Dana Patrascu and Bia Jannin)

Village life for people is very hard and the average wage is only 200–300 euros per month. The average cost of sterilizing a dog is 45 – 70 euros (200 – 300 Lei) so prices are out of most poor villagers league. RAR are able to sterilize a dog for 23 Euros (£16), each spay/neuter is fundraised for prior to the campaigns, and subsequently free of charge to all the dogs and cats that are operated on.

On arrival at the Clinic dogs and cats will wait in their crates and or the waiting room to be given a pre-medication injection by the vet techs. Each dog and cat is booked in by Iulia Voicu (Speranta Pentru Animale) and given a number.

Fans were used on the cages/carriers as temperatures were hitting 28C. Water was also given due to the heat.

Both dogs and cats were carried into surgery by the volunteers, to an awaiting team of at least 4 vets. The veterinary surgeons are so highly skilled and adept at their work they are able to operate on one dog in a matter of 5–10 minutes! Vets and Vet Techs work incredibly long hours also 12–16 hours a day without a significant break for lunch or anything.

Craiova Spayathon, May 2015
Dr. A getting ready for surgery

Craiova Spayathon, May 2015
Vicki with the bus station puppy

Craiova Spayathon, May 2015
Cat getting comforted after surgery

Craiova Spayathon, May 2015
Dr. A and Nancy Janes

Upcoming Campaigns

  • Huge spayathon in Cluj area with our friends from NUCA and Dina's Ark to spay/neuter 300 animals.
  • Return to Carei.
  • Bulgaria campaign with the goal of 150 spay/neuter for this new venture in Bulgaria.
  • More Vatra Dornei spays in one of our favorite locations!
  • 200 more spays/neuters gifted to dogs and cats in Craiova, our home base! More spays/neuters in Bucharest and Craiova villages.
  • Returns to Bacau and Buzau in the works. All this can only be accomplished with help from you, and we thank you with all our hearts for your this gift to the animals well being. And as always, Homeless Animal Hospital will continue its daily work of helping those who cannot help themselves.

Please support this campaign and others like it that we continually do in Romania and thank you!

Support Spay/Neuter

Animal Care »

Mr. Toad Visits HAH

Mr. Toad with Nancy after his treatment at HAH
Mr. Toad with Nancy after his treatment at HAH

Mr. Toad with his new collar (all that could be found in downtown Craiova, courtesy of Maz!)
Mr. Toad with his new collar (all that could be found in downtown Craiova, courtesy of Maz!)

Homeless Animals Hospital is busier than ever. The spayathon for 625 animals May 17-25 was held at HAH. Many animals were brought in for treatments. We would like to introduce you a few of them.

While walking to dinner one evening, the RAR volunteers from the USA and UK came across a lame young dog in the center of Craiova. He was picked up by Vicki and we carried him to dinner with us of a nice meal of chicken breast. He was snuck into the hotel room of Rory and Nancy, then brought to the HAH center the following day. We named him Mr Edward Toad. X-rays showed that he had endured a fracture in his leg. Dr. Petrisor Stefan set the leg and put a cast on it, Mr. Toad was then neutered, vaccinated and deparasited. Our friends from Friends for Life took Mr Toad into their shelter for foster care, and Baggy's Legacy is working to find a great home for him!

Near-Dead Mother Rescued

Good Samaritan
Good Samaritan

Mother dog after treatment
Mother dog after treatment

Basket with mother dog and puppies
Basket with mother dog and puppies

Mother with her puppies
Mother with her puppies

A good samaritan found this mama dog suffering. She was almost dead when he brought her in to Homeless Animals Hospital, Craiova. Starving, dehydrated. She was so weak she could no longer produce milk. Immediate treatment was given to her, but where were the puppies? The vets advised the man who brought her in to go and search for her puppies in the place where she was found, and he did. Three puppies were found and brought to mama at HAH. The wonderful man who went out of his way to do the right thing for these animals was rewarded with the gift that HAH will take these sweethearts, pay all their expenses, and find homes for them. No obligation or burden is placed on this man impoverished who found it in his heart to do the right thing. While they recover they will stay at HAH clinic, then go up for adoption. Thanks to your support, HAH can help in this way and so many others!

Breathe Easy for Seren


Meet Seren, a sweet girl who was brought in for spaying during the spayathon. We noticed that she was not breathing correctly, and X-rays showed that she had a diaphragmatic hernia, caused by a probable car accident or other severe trauma. She underwent open chest surgery to move the intestines and other organs into proper position. She was a stray, and is now at Speranta shelter and doing wonderfully! And she is spayed too. This is an example of what your donations to Homeless Animals Hospital help!

Hundreds more animals are helped and vaccinated with Homeless Animals Hospital. Every day we treat animals that are in need of care. We can only do this with your donations.

Support Animal Care

Veterinary Training »

Education continues, and the Veterinary Training Camp staff will interview two potential vet candidates while in Cluj! Thank you to Elizabeth Estrob for funding a vet for VTC training!


Education »

Craiova Education Booklets Delivered

During our Craiova spayathon, we were able to deliver more educational books to the schoolchildren of Craiova.


Our Thanks »

Hobo Dogs Finland held the campaigns in Galati, Glina and Rosiori de Vede. Thank you so much for doing these campaigns Salla and the great Hobo Dogs!

We would like to thank all the wonderful DONORS who made all this work possible! Thank you Hobo Dogs, Kuono ry (Finland), 4 Stray Dogs (Norway), People4Pets Germany, Animal Care Austria and Carol Byers, Baggys Legacy (UK), RAR Dutch Family (Holland), Bill Williams and Mary Young, Bonnie Siddons, fabulous fundraisers Sue Roberts, Maz Foulger, Cassie Carney, Sue Blythe, Steph Blythe, Mishy Dunn, Diane White. Special thank you to Ylva for your two-for-one match for the spay/neuter event that generated more help for the animals! Thank you volunteers who came to the event in Craiova and worked so very hard: Silke Bissman, Suzy Alexander, Jan Blomfield, Vicki Ecke, Frank Goralski, Caroline Vetter, Mandy Easter, Maz Foulger, Siri Ydstie, Yodavon Iserlohn, Rory Janes and Nancy Janes. Thank you Speranta Pentru Animale Craiova, Oliviu, Iulia, Gabriela, and all the other wonderful people from Speranta who made this spayathon such a great success! Thank you to Frank and Oliviu for going the extra mile(s) and getting dogs in from poor villages for spay neuter! And there was even time for the education books to be handed out! Thank you Baggys Legacy Vicki and Jan for finding homes for so many that you met, including the little puppy River, who was abandoned at the bus station during the spayathon. Thank you Carol Byers and Animal Care Austria as always, for finding homes for the poor little orphans, including the two that were found by Oliviu and Frank, starved almost to death, while they were enroute to the village to pick up dogs for spay/neuter. No stone was left unturned--just the way we love it!


With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID (RAR): 72-1546354)
(UK Registered Charity Number (ASNI): 1157935)