Kari has been targetted by a dog hater. Poor Kari was rescued from the streets a few months ago with a very serious break to his back leg. Dr. Pepe Stefan operated on him and saved Kari's leg and his life. Kari has been happily recovering from this injury and enjoying a happy new life with his fosterer Doina Vella To our horror, Kari was rushed to Romania Animal Rescue yesterday because his fosterer suspected he had eaten sausages SPIKED WITH NAILS when they were coming home from a walk. This is a lethal attack meant to kill Kari.

Dr. Aurelian Stefan and the team acted immediately and x-rays confirmed the worst. Kari was rushed into surgery and NINE nails were removed from Kari's stomach. We really need funds to help emergency cases like Kari.

A big, big thank you to everyone who donated towards the cost of Kari's surgery.  Dr. Aurelian operated on Kari and removed nine nails from his stomach. Kari is pictured below with vet tech Alexandra Avrigeanu getting lots of TLC after his operation.

Without animal lovers around the world who support our work, dogs like Kari would not have the chance to get the veterinary care that they need.