Lara and Cody are brother and sister - two gorgeous puppies saved from the streets. Unfortunately, both Lara and Cody are very sick with parvo virus and have been rushed to Romania Animal Rescue by their rescuer who has lots of dogs and can’t afford the medical treatment required to save Cody and Lara’s lives.

Our team are now working hard to save them. Without this medical treatment the two pups would die. Parvo is a terrible disease that causes ...vomiting and severe bloody diarrhea. Pups can die in 2 or 3 days and suffer a lot. We need to raise 200 euro to pay for the treatments they need to fight the parvo virus.

We believe they deserve the chance to live. Can you please help us to raise the funds needed to help them? You can help save Lara and Cody now by donating now.