Meet Mango, a little stray dog who has been fending for himself on the streets. Not only has been Mango living on the street but he's been suffering with a terrible eye problem.

A kind person who tries to help street dogs saw Mango and brought him to us. Mango's eye was too badly infected to save and our vets made the decision to remove the eye. We don't know how long poor Mango was suffering with this infection but we know he feels much better now that it has been treated. We can only help dogs like Mango with your support. Rescuers and animal lovers in the community are overwhelmed with the number of dogs that need to be fed, particularly at this time of year when the snow and freezing temperaures come and food is very hard to find. People try to feed the dogs but don't have the money to pay for veterinary treatment.

Dogs like Mango need you. You can become a K9 Hero today and end needless pain and suffering - all it takes is a small, regular donation to help Dr. Aurelian Stefan and the rest of the veterinary team care for vulnerable dogs like Mango.

You can make a difference now by going to For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you can be a hero to a dog like Mango. Please help us to help them.