UPDATE:  Thank you to those that donated to help pay for Maple's treatment.  Check out photos below of Maple after surgery.  She is recovering very well in the care of our wonderful staff at the Center of Hope!


Little Maple is a stray dog that has been brought to us by a kind person who feeds the stray dogs she finds on the roads and in the community. She didn't want to leave Maple behind. She can't afford to pay for Maple's treatment so she brought her to the Center of Hope and asked us to help her.

You can see from the photos that Maple has a salivary tumor and needs surgery to remove it. If its not removed it would keep getting bigger and could prevent her from eating. She could get a big absess and septicemia. Can you imagine poor Maple suffering with this on the streets all through the freezing cold winter when finding food is very difficult for the dogs and then not being able to eat!!!! Maple also needs to be spayed and vaccinated.

We need to raise $300 to help Maple get the treatment she needs. Can you please help Maple have the surgery she badly needs? Please donate today.  Put "Maple" in the notes so we know this donation is for her.