RAR / ASNI Newsletter March 2015

Romania Animal Rescue, Inc
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
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Animal Spay/Neuter International


Homeless Animal Hospital »

Homeless animals have an increased risk of getting sick or injured over owned pets. Who is there to take care of them? The answer is Homeless Animal Hospital. They provide veterinary care to ill or injured animals that do not have a home and in this way, improve their chance of adoption. HAH Ensures owned animals are not abandoned or surrendered to killing shelters because the family they have been living with has no money to treat a certain condition.

We have launched a new website to promote the animal care project, homeless-animal-hospital.org Please visit the website and donate to animal care.

Support Animal Care

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The CFC today is known to be the most inclusive workplace giving campaign in the world with the number of participating charities estimated at over 20,000 nonprofit charitable organizations worldwide. Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. DBA Animal Spay/Neuter International is proud to be one of those charities that the CFC sponsors.



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We are dedicating this newsletter to Essi, Parker, Haley, and Stuart


Our first dedication goes to Essi, Ylva's beloved girl. Ylva, our gracious friend, wished that Essi's spirit could live on by helping others. As a result, Ylva matched spay/neuter donations for campaigns in Romania, in Essi's name.


Our next dedication is in memory of Gail's Beloved Cat Parker. "May her beautiful spirit soar, the return to live in your heart forever. With Love, DB"

Our third dedication goes to Haley, the beloved dog of Chris and Gabe.

We would also like to dedicate the newsletter to Stuart, who was rescued from Romania in 2010. He has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment. We all love Stuart and pray for his recovery.

Stuart in Romania
Stuart in Romania

Stuart enjoying Florida
Stuart in Florida

Dear Romania Animal Supporters »

Dear Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay Neuter Intl. Supporters and Friends,

Well this month the Dream Team was back in action! 929 spays/neuters, a brand new campaign in Bacau has begun, and Homeless Animals Hospital Project not only has its own website now, but was chosen Project of the Month by Global Giving!

RAR/ASNI is gearing up for our 5th Massive Spayathon in as many years. This year in Craiova once again. 650+ animals will be spayed/neutered, and volunteers from around the globe will attend to help. We can reach this goal with your continued support! Upcoming we also have on our list Barlad, Cluj, Tecuci, Vatra Dornei, Moreni, more Bucharest Villages, Bacau once again, Craiova, Bistrita, Adjud, and the list builds as our funding allows.

I hope you enjoy reading our newsletter, we are so proud to be able to offer the fabulous help for animals that would otherwise have very little or none. Our support for spay/neuter, homeless animals and those of impoverished guardians, education (1500 more booklets printed), sponsorship for the Veterinary Training Camp, and food sponsorship for two shelters and a foster care provider help to complete a circle of care for Romanian animals. We work with many Romanian, EU, and USA charities that find homes for animals. With your help, we can continue to do more and more.

Bless each and every one of you,
Nancy Janes

Dear Friends,

Romania Animal Rescue team completed another very busy month. We were very well received in Bacau (it was our first time there) and we spayed and neutered more than 320 dogs for the low income individuals and senior citizens. We were joined by our partners from UK and by volunteers from Holland that did a great job. We received many many compliments from the local authorities and from people. This is the biggest reward: Happy people and no more unwanted pups! March was the month when we launched our Homeless Animal Hospital's webpage. People from all over the world have now a fresh information source and can support our work. Our main goal is to treat and heal homeless animals so that they have a better chance to be adopted or to remain with their family. Broken bones, embedded metal wires, various trauma are a common reality at HAH and thanks to your support we are able to help all these animals that would die or have a painful life. Together with you we can work miracles for the animals and preventing unwanted births is the greatest miracle of all! Thank you for your joining us and supporting our work!

God bless,
Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM
ASNI/RAR General Manager,
Familyvet Veterinary Clinic

Stay informed about our animal welfare campaigns in Romania by subscribing to Dr. Aurelian's blog: Homeless Animal Hospital, and Facebook page.

The RAR Map of Romania

Thank You for your support in helping us reach out to all of these cities, towns, and villages in Romania!

ASNI Spay/neuter procedures funded

ASNI/RAR funded 929 spay/neuter procedures in March in Bacau, the Bucharest Village Campaign, Craiova, Iasi, Miroslava, Moreni, Plopeni, Tecuci, and Vatra Dornei.

33,110 in Romania alone, 35,364 worldwide.

Online Fundraisers »

Smile Donation

Amazon Smile

Just by shopping at Amazon.com, you can donate to RAR: .5% of your purchases get donated to RAR when you shop at Amazon Smile and choose Romania Animal Rescue as your charity.

Please support these fundraisers on Nessbook, Facebook and YouCaring:

We are beginning a fundraiser for a mobile vet clinic to reach towns that have inadequate veterinary services in Romania. A repurposed ambulance is estimated to cost €15,000. Right now the US dollar is strong against the Euro, so it makes good financial sense to fund this project. Please make a donation on Nessbook.

Spay/Neuter Update »

BACAU Spay/Neuter Campaign 353 Animals Sterilized

Ladies standing by a sign for the Bacau spayathon

Nikki Franken reports on our spayathon in Bacau. In this excerpt, she describes the process the animals go through for surgery.

The procedure is simple yet very efficient: the dogs are registered by a piece of tape with a number on the back leg. The owners are given a card with the same number. The dogs are injected outside and put in a basket until they are asleep. Then the 'taxi-service' carries them to the OR. When they are operated on the taxi brings them to a separate recovery room which is next door to the OR.

I worked in recovery today. We register the number of the dog and the time it enters the RR (important because the dogs have to be starting signs of coming to after half an hour), monitor the dogs as they are still anesthetized (checking their gums, heartbeat and breathing, removing the tracheal tubes, checking, cleaning and pressing on the wound if it is still bleeding a little) and help them as they come out of the anesthisia (mainly stroke them, talk to them and sometimes hold them tight in a blanket when a dog is fearful or disoriented).

When the dogs are awake enough we call a member of the operating team over who checks the dog again and approves its leaving. Small dogs are taken outside to the owners who wait outside, bigger dogs are being taken out of the RR together with the owner.

Read Nikki Franken's full report on Mandy Easter's blog.

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Photos from our Craiova spayathon in October, 2014:

Ruth Osborne
Ruth prepping a dog for surgery

Anda Popescu-RAR volunteer
Anda tirelessly transporting dogs to and from surgery

Rory Janes-RAR volunteer
Rory Janes at the Craiova Spayathon

Nancy Janes-RAR volunteer
Nancy holding Gabi (now adopted and living in Southern California)

Rory Janes-RAR volunteer
Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Dr. Miruna Berzac, Dr. Roxana Stan, and Dr. Petrisor Stefan at the Craiova spayathon 2014

Romania Animal Rescue/Animal Spay Neuter International is gearing up for our fifth massive spayathon. 2015 will be in Craiova once again, May 18-26 for 650 animals. $25 will provide spay/neuter for these animals, and prevent so much suffering. Please check out Facebook, for a marvelous fundraiser to help this campaign. Thank you to Mary and Bill, and to Bonnie for once again donating to this massive event as well!

Kelly with a dog from Craiova

GlobalGiving sent a reporter to Craiova to report on the work that we do. Kelly Zug came to the Family Vet Clinic, run by our Dream Team of veterinarians and veterinary nurses, some of whom are in the above pictures. Kelly was impressed by our system of efficient and safe spay/neuter procedures. She also saw the first-class treatment our wonderful team provides to stray animals at the Homeless Animal Hospital section of the clinic. Based on Kelly's report, GlobalGiving awarded Homeless Animal Hospital it Project of the Month for March, 2015. Read the full story.

Dream Team at Poleni
Dr. Roxana Elena Stan, Dr. Miruna Berzac, Vet Tech Extraordinaire Anda Popescu, Vet Tech Extraordinaire Ruth Osborne, Dr. Aurelian Stefan

Please support this campaign and others like it that we continually do in Romania and thank you!

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Animal Care »

Homeless Animal Hospital

Homeless Animal Hospital

RAR's Homeless Animal Hospital Named in GlobalGiving's March's Project of the Month

GlobalGiving sent an in-the-field representative, Kelly Zug, to Craiova, Romania to report on the Family Vet Clinic. She visited our clinic on two separate occasions. The vets showed her what they did during the spayathons, marathon spay/neuter events where 50-100 dogs and cats could be sterilized in a day. She recognized the value we bring to the Craiova communities by offering a viable solution to reducing the overpopulation of stray animals.

The Craiova clinic is known for more than spay/neuter surgeries. RAR and the Dream Team of veterinarians and veterinary nurses have set up the Homeless Animal Hospital project at the clinic to provide high-quality emergency veterinary care to animals at no-cost or low-cost to the local residents.

Kelly's last visit was in February of 2015, where she published a blog entry of her observations. GlobalGiving was so moved by what Kelly showed them that RAR's Homeless Animal Hospital project was chosen as their March’s Project of the Month.

Hundreds more animals are helped and vaccinated with Homeless Animals Hospital. Every day we treat animals that are in need of care. We can only do this with your donations.

Support Animal Care

Education »

1500 Education Booklets Delivered

1500 education books have been printed, thanks to funding from Mayhew International UK! These books are located at the Homeless Animals Hospital and accompany many of our spay campaigns throughout Romania, as well as distributed to schools and charities per request.


Our Thanks »

Thanks to our amazing donors! Without you we could never do anything! Thanks to our fabulous fundraiser partners, Sue Roberts, Maz Foulger, Steph Blythe, Sue Blythe, Diane White, Secret Squirrel, Mishy Dunn, May Britt Seem, Ylva Gefvert for your donation matches, Annemiek Wienke, Baggys Legacy, Rieni Otten and Nikki Franken.

Thank you to Dogs on Death Row, Cats on Death Row, Yvonne PawsandClaws Aubeeluck, Suzy Alexander, Mandy Easter, Richard Abbott, Margaret Gebhard, Jane Courtney, People4Pets, Strays United, Lesley Ford and Jane Sanderson, Mayhew International (for book printing), NESS who is fundraising for a mobile clinic that we hope to get, Kuono ry, Mary and Bill Morris, 4 StrayDogs, Myriam Heya Englero, Miriam Klein, Frank Goralski, Bonnie Siddons for the earrings and endless support, Sandy Myatt for more earrings J. All part of the Dream Team!


With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID (RAR): 72-1546354)
(UK Registered Charity Number (ASNI): 1157935)