Dr. Roxana first started working with Romania Animal Rescue as a volunteer in 2010 when she was still a student veterinarian. She now travels around Romania for most of the year to provide mobile spay/neuter campaigns for dogs and cats in areas that desperately need help. Dr. Roxana also works on our outreach campaigns and has completed spay/neuter campaigns in Bulgaria, Portugal, Greece, Suriname and Dominican Republic.

Veterinary technician, Anda Popescu, tells us why Dr. Roxana is such an important part of our team:

Dr. Roxana is very determined and cares about everything being done the correct way and to a high standard. Her number one priority is doing the right thing for every animal in her care.

I like that she is also very calm if we have an emergency case and she does everything with patience so that the animal survives and gets to go home.

Dr. Roxana is the one who always has a board game with her so our evenings away from home are never dull. It also brings us together to have some fun after working for 12-14 hours on a campaign day.

I also appreciate that she is one of the two people who is driving us to and from our mobile spay/neuter campaigns. She has been driving us for the last three years. We often set off before dawn to reach a location and then there is the long drive home after working long days on a campaign. It requires a lot of extra effort on top of performing surgeries all day, but Dr. Roxana never complains.

Dr. Roxana is the most committed team member to the mobile projects which involve a lot of travelling and time away from home. When the rest of us are missing our home comforts and families, she inspires us with her determination to keep the mobile Dream Team alive and better than ever!