This poor cat, named Mia, had a terrible ordeal but thanks to the amazing vets and vet techs at Romania Animal Rescue she is now on the road to recovery. Mia is a little stray cat of about 7 months old, weighing only 1.7kg. She was found in distress, bleeding from a major wound at the side of the road.

Kind passerbys rushed her to Romania Animal Rescue for help. Mia had emergency surgery to fix a diaphragmatic hernia which was making it difficult for her to breath. Dr Preda Ioana and Dr Ioana Popescuperformed this lifesaving surgery. She was in critical condition and our team were not sure she would pull through but with their expert care she is much better. Her terrible wound to her hind leg was assessed and Dr Aurelian Stefandecided to amputate it as there was too much damage and it could not be repaired. It was also discovered that she had a bad fracture to her remaining hind leg and Dr. Pepe Stefan has worked his magic and repaired this for her too.

Lucky for Mia she is getting round the clock care from Dr. Preda Ioanawho has taken little Mia home to care for her. It will take some time for her wound to heal completely. Thank you to everyone who has donated for Mia, we still need to raise funds so we can help Mia and other cats and dogs with life threatening injuries.