Yesterday it was a happy day, but also a day that made us even stronger in our commitment to prevent animal suffering. 3 dogs from a village next to Moreni were abandoned at the event, because their owners no longer wanted them; they failed in providing spaying for their dogs, so their solution is a simple one, dump the responsibility on others, or dump them in a field and leave them to die.

We are saddened to see people choosing not to act responsibly, but it makes us even more determined to help more and more animals with free spay/neuter procedures. This mission can never be possible without your help and you can see how important you are in sparing so many innocent lives.

52 animals were spayed/neutered for free yesterday, including the "bucket babies", 2 tiny sisters who were dumped in a bucket at our October event. We are very grateful to all the wonderful people who keep donating for such projects in Romania, you are our only hope ♥

Thank you Nancy Janes and Maz Foulger for your dedication! Thank you dr Roxana-Elena Stan, dr Miruna Berzuc, vet tech Andrei-Virgiliu Constantin and David Murphy, thank you to our volunteers Etienne Hanzo, Irina Gogoasa, Dumitru Anca Ioana, Marilena Barbulescu!♥