Two beautiful days spend with friends, working side by side, so 103 dogs never reproduce again and thousands of unwanted puppies spared from suffering. People were happy to have their animals helped and were amazed by their quick recovery.

We are especially happy we could help catch some scared dogs from a high school yard, that were creating a lot of problems; the commitment and gratitude of the staff was truly inspiring. Team work and passion for our cause made everything easy and fun and we can't wait to go back to Moreni, lots of people are already calling for the next event.

Million thanks to our fundraisers and wonderful donors, thank you Maz Foulger and Anne Marie Wienke for your efforts, they are very much appreciated; thank you to the medical team who works tirelessly for the sake of the animals: dr Roxana-Elena Stan, dr Miruna Berzuc, vet tech Andrei-Virgiliu Constantin, Ruxandra Ion and thank you to our brave volunteers, the same each month: Dumitru Anca Ioana, Irina Gogoasa, Marilena Barbulescu, Auras and Mada, dr Malina Ghete (hoast/ cook, volunteer).

Thank you to the one who inspires all that we do and keeps our spirits up, thank you Nancy Janes! ♥