92 dogs and cats were spayed/ neutered in Moreni this week and 2 emergency surgeries thanks to Romania Animal Rescue/ Homeless Animal Hospital. We were so happy and grateful to have our dear friends Nancy Janes and Ingrid Zohar to help us, doing everything we asked them to, so that more animals could be saved. Nothing can inspire more one's work than doing it with passion and we were shown first hand what true love for the animals can do.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in making this possible, we truly appreciate it! Thank you to RAR's Dr. Miruna Berzuc, Dr. Dr. Roxana-Elena Stan, Vet Tech and Program Coordinator Anda Popescu and vet tech Andrei Constantin for doing the hard work! Thank you Sue Roberts Cassie Carney and Maggi Waite for your auction that allowed this campaign to happen.