This is Nana. A stray puppy who was brought to the Center of Hope five days ago. She has been in intensive care but unfortunately she didn’t make it.   Nana... was found on the fields around Bucharest - another unwanted puppy. She was suffering from babesiosis and an infection. She had a lot of pain when she arrived with bloody diarrhea and vomiting. She had no energy. She had a blood transfusion and the team gave her all the help they could.

She improved a bit and was able to stand and wag her tail but she just didn’t have the strength in her little body to beat her illness.   RIP Nana. We don’t want you to have died in vain. We hope that by highlighting your suffering we can persuade more people to help make a difference.  

Nana makes us more determined to spay and neuter as many dogs as we can to end the unnecessary suffering of unwanted puppies.   You can help end this suffering by supporting our work at by going to our DONATE page and supporting us today. Please help us to help them. A small regular donation will make a huge impact in the lives of homeless animals who have no one else to care for them