by Romania Animal Rescue

Our friend Dana Mares is the local coordinator for the spayathons for Lipia. She is thrilled that RAR/ASNI are planning to return to her community.

This is what Dana wrote to me: "Dear Nancy, thank you for this great opportunity for which I am grateful. Since the first spay/neuter event in my village in November 2011 the changes have been huge. Not only has the number of unwanted dogs and cats been drastically reduced, but the fact that the events take place regularly ( on a monthly basis, weather permitting) has turned this service for the community into the norm rather than the exception, as it was in the beginning. So people inquire about the next event, reserve a place on the list and spread the word about the advantages of sterilizing their pets. This has been achieved with the generous support of donors and I hope that they will continue to support with their donations this important activity for the reduction of the needless suffering of dogs and cats. Thank you!" And we thank YOU! Our wonderful supporters who make this all possible.

Can you please help us return to Lipia for 100 spays and neuters? The mighty Spay Shuttle will be picking up the animals and taking them to the Center of Hope for sterilizations. The cost per spay or neuter is 23 euro, or $25, or 19 pounds. Thank you so much for your help everyone!