NEW MISSION:  SIBIU VILLAGES! We have spoken with our great friends at Animal Life and have agreed to do a campaign for 300 animals. We would like to fundraise here for 200 please. I hope all of you marvelous donors will once again help with a donation for spay and neuter <3 I have attached a few photos that Andreea sent to me, but one was just too graphic and the dog was dead....these puppies, the dead mange dog, all should not have been born to suffer. I hope you can help us return to Sibiu area again. Sibiu has a special place in our hearts as it is where our first Spayathon was held in 2009.


Andreea wrote me this: "Dear Nancy, I am sending you some random photos and videos from the village we chose for the spay/neuter campaign. These could be from any village in the county as it is perfectly normal that there are dogs on the streets at any give hour. Some have owners, some don’t. If they do not bark or bark too much or kill hens, or grow too big, or jump the kids, or mess up the yard, they are usually abandoned 3 villages away or even better, on the nearby highway entrance or in the city market on Friday. If they are sick most of them do not see a vet and the majority die. I received the photo of the mange dog yesterday evening from a girl who visited her grandma and saw the dog at the end of the village. Today morning as Adina, my colleague, went to look for him, he was already dead and thrown in the trash, probably after receiving a strong hit on the head. We were too late. (I chose not to post this photo as it is too disturbing ~ Nancy) I am also sending photos of puppies from our FB page, at some point all of them were found and some were rescued, for some, again, we were too late. If I wanted I could send tons of such photos. But their story is ever the same.... Our participation to this year’s marathon is again for a spayathon. We try to do our best, we spay/neuter every single day, and still it’s hard. We go from door to door, we taxi the dogs from home to the vet and back home. Every time we are too late it hurts. And avery time I have to explain to someone on the phone that we do not have places for the puppies / kittens they found I feel horrible. Thank you very very much for the support you have offered along the years. Thank you for being you"