Animal Tales for
Summer 2020

Doggie Love

We are very pleased to begin this newsletter by letting you know that thanks to your support, we have surpassed 80,000 spays and neuters!

Spay/Neuter Total for June: 584
Total for 2020, to date: 3458
Grand Total to date: 82,956

Sincerest and deepest thanks to those of you who support this program


Homeless Animal Hospital

Dog getting comforted

Our Homeless Animal Hospital project is never-ending. Thanks to this program, up to 3000 dogs and cats are treated for serious injuries, broken bones, and diseases every year. They are the neediest patients and wouldn't be helped if not for this program. Desperate cases enter the clinics daily.

The puppy in the videos came to the Center of Hope in terrible condition with maggot infested eyes. This disturbing video shows her condition upon arrival. WARNING: ***DISTURBING VIDEO***

The second video shows the progress she made in just one day with treatment from our vets and nurses:

This tiny puppy should not be born into a world of pain and suffering. Had the person who abandoned her used our FREE spay, her mother wouldn't have given birth to more puppies.

Parvovirus is rampant and many dogs succumb to it. RAR/ASNI work hard vaccinating as many as our donations allow, while treating the dogs that are extremely ill.

Puppy getting treated for Parvo

Puppy getting treated for Parvo

Puppies get vaccines and adult dogs are spayed at the Center of Hope

Puppy getting treated for Parvo

Puppy getting treated for Parvo

Puppy getting treated for Parvo

*Homeless Animal Hospital project continues at both Center of Hope Bucharest/Ilfov area, and Family Vet Clinic, Craiova. We rely on your continuing support to fund medical procedures, spay and neuter, and life saving vaccines.

Support Homeless Animal Hospital!


We rely on our International Adoption Partners to help find homes for our adoptees.


Little Raducu found a loving home! See our last announcement.




Marius's Shelter

Food delivery to Marius's shelter

Food for Marius's shelter arrives.

Marius received another shipment of food thanks to donors' support for him. He thanks everyone and so do we! THANK YOU for helping us to help him again.

Marius with a rescued dog

Food delivery


In the Media

Our New Documentary

If you have not already seen our documentary, please view it here. It reflects the work and challenges we face while helping in Romania:

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Thank You

On behalf of Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Nancy Janes, and all the Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay Neuter International team, Thank You! Our work is only possible thanks to good people like you!


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