Animal Tales for
Winter 2018





This Newsletter is dedicated to Benji, the beloved devoted dog of our dear friend Jodie Richers. Rest in Peace darling Benji.



Bulgaria Spayathon


Suzy Alexander traveled to volunteer in both Romania and Bulgaria in September and early October. Suzy was vital to the spayathon in Bulgaria as there were few volunteers and she needed to help steady the mighty ship.

Spayathon Team

Mandy Easter, Ingrid Zohar and Nancy Janes traveled to Romania to volunteer in October. Those girls actually went out and caught some dogs and cats for spaying from a local village. It took a lot of courage!

Our Progress

You have helped us spay/neuter more than 71,000 animals!

Where do we go from here? How about 100,000!

The RAR Spay Shuttle brings animals to the Center of Hope, where they can get examined, treated and spayed/neutered. We have had a massive endeavor to travel 270 km to a quarry near Constanta to get animals spayed/neutered, vaccinated, deparasited. The Spay Shuttle runs on fuel, but this project runs on donor support.

Waiting for spay/neuter

The Hope spay mobile is a veterinay clinic on wheels. It reaches industrial yards and private rescuers. It also makes the Vet Patrol project viable, so we can go into communities to give hands-on help for the animals.

Waiting for spay/neuter

The ongoing Craiova spay/neuter project spays/neuters as many animals as our funding allows. The Center of Hope veterinary clinic helps animals in the Ilfov County region by Bucharest. Our incredible mobile team reaches far away villages and towns to hold large spayathons.

Your support has helped us establish an impressive network of spay/neuter and other animal care capabilities for the cats and dogs in Romania. We can only continue to provide this vital service with your donations.


Dr. Aurelian's TV Program

Emergency care for stray dog

Dr. Aurelian Stefan has his own TV program in Romania! This program offers the incredible opportunity to reach the citizens of Romania to teach animal welfare as well as interactive "Ask the Vet" format. Dr. A will be able to reach thousands with his animal welfare and well-being message!

Recently, Dr. Aurelian was filmed on Romanian National Television.


Animal Care

Through your generous donations, Homeless Animal Hospital treats the animals that would otherwise have no help.

Choking dog before

Choking dog after

HAH provides treatment and surgeries for many extreme emergencies, like Stella and the train track rescue puppy. Our excellent team of veterinarians set broken bones and the vet techs mend the often broken souls, making these animals comfortable around humans for possibly the first time in their lives.

Hero kitten in oxygen chamber

As Dr. Jeanne Olson of Alaska told our founder Nancy Janes when she helped RAR in Romania a few years ago, "It is as if there was a hurricane Katrina every day." Sadly, this is often the case. Dogs and cats hit by cars, trolleys, trains. Animals with terrible cases of parvo, distemper, severly anemic. It is also a reason that we work so hard to keep these animals from ever being born to a world that cannot provide for them.

Here are a few of the animals HAH has treated recently, thanks to your support:

We Need a Hero


This kitten was caught in a fire and our tech went to rescue her after being contacted by a fireman.


Trainwreck Puppy

Trainwreck puppy

This puppy was living on the train tracks and got struck by a train. He was rescued by a Good Samaritan and brought to Homeless Animal Hospital. His rescuer has adopted him.

Trainwreck puppy



Remember Stella? The girl who came into Center of Hope having had her belly skin ripped open completely by getting stuck on a fence? She was really touch and go for a while, receiving 2 blood transfusions, 5 surgeries, and was near death. Well she has made a complete recovery AND Stella is now going to be adopted by our friend Joke in Holland! How's that for great news!

Nancy and Stella

Please see our sections on Homeless Animal Hospital and Adoptions for photos of sweet Stella and many more animals that have received our help.


Vet Patrol with HOPE

HOPE mobile in the field

The new Vet Patrol program with HOPE mobile began recently to enable us to reach more villages to help more animals. Vet Patrol travels through villages to find and treat animals in need. This project educates the communities and will provide vaccines, spay and neuter vouchers, and deparasiting. Your funding will help us to continue the project.

HOPE mobile in the field

Kerry Rhodes Visits Center of Hope

Kerry Rhodes

Kerry Rhodes, from Rhodes to Safety UK, traveled to the Center of Hope and held a seminar for Romanian rescuers on vital first aid for emergency animal cases. Kerry held two courses and was extremely well received by her attentive audience. Former strays Julyano and Michele were Kerry's teaching "patients" and they could not have been more cooperative. Julyano, who was found by vet tech Alexndra in a field last July (having been abandoned and starving) has been living at the Center and is now set to travel to the UK for adoption on December 13. Kerry's trip was sponsored by Animal Spay and Neuter International UK.


Kelly Roberts came from the UK to work in Romania for the summer and early Autumn. What a joy it was to have Kelly with us! And what a love she was and is to these animals. Kelly will be adopting Julyano, the sweet elderly stray treated by our team.




Black Tulip

Fifi, White Falcon, Winnie, Train Accident Puppy, Julyano, Negruta (Black Rose), Onuti, Stella and Rosy are adopted or reserved for adoption. Here are a few photos.

Fifi with Jodie

Fifi was adopted in the UK, White Falcon went to UK, Winnie is in Austria, and Julyano just arrived in the UK.


The Train Accident Puppy was adopted in Romania by her rescuer, Negruta, in Canada. Onuti traveled for adoption to the UK, Stella traveled to Holland in December, and Rosy will travel to the USA in January.

White Falcon

Special thanks to all of those who made this possible! Mandy Easter, Suzy Alexander, Sylv Echarri, Cat Welfare and Rescue Trust, Holbrook Sanctuary, Rebecca Jane Ashworth, Joke Rexwinkle, Romanian Dog Rescue R Us, Kelly Roberts, Rommies Rescue UK, Chris Cartwright and of course the amazing Dream Team of vets and techs who brought treated these animals so that they could go to have their happy ever after lives!



Veterinarian Training

Dr. Aurelian trains. Dr. Mostafa at Veterinary Training Camp

The Veterinary Training Camp hosted Dr. Mostafa from Egypt for two weeks in November and December. This fabulous extended learning sponsorship is courtesy of Animal Spay Neuter International USA.


Thank You

Thank you for your support

We would like to thank all of our wonderful donors for supporting our programs in Romania. Special recognition goes to Dogs on Death Row, Cats on Death Row, and Habitat for Dogs and Cats for their help. We would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season, and look forward to helping even more animals in 2019.

Thank you for reading our newsletter.

Nancy Janes
Dr. Aurelian Stefan

These animals were helped because of the generosity of people like you who support us. We can continue to improve the lives of animals like the ones mentioned here, but only with your help.