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Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
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Magic Number: 1536 »

What can you do 1536 times in a month? Maybe perform 50 push-ups a day, totaling 1550 for the month--imagine how fit would you be by the end of that month. Try reading 350 pages of a book each week, works out to about five books for the month-- think how smart you would become from all of that book knowledge.

If you asked our Dream Team what they could do 1536 times in a month, they would perform that many spay/neuters. Your donations allowed them to spay/neuter 1536 animals during the month of October. Now imagine how many litters of puppies and kittens have been prevented from being discarded to the streets of Romania--it's a whole lot more than 1536. Each month our veterinary teams use the funds you entrust to them for spaying/neutering many hundreds of animals. The residents of the towns we visit in Romania notice a positive change to the health of their pets and the cleanliness of their parks and greens.

Our work is made possible by the donations of individual members like you. We also rely on you to spread the message of spay/neuter to your family and friends. As the holidays approach, let them know the good work we are doing on your behalf. Together we can do even more good in Romania. Thank you.

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We are dedicating this newsletter to Olive Walker and Pamela

We would like to dedicate this newsletter to Olive Walker. A dear friend and supporter who recently passed. Olive helped to guide Romania Animal Rescue, give us strength when things were looking down, and was always there with a great laugh and a "hear hear Nancy" when a monumental task was achieved. We will miss her very very much. A lovely lady with lovely values.

We would also like to dedicate this newsletter to Pamela, the abandoned dog found with the mammary tumors from Tecuci. Pamela was brought down to Bucharest for surgery, but upon exam and X-rays, it was evident that her tumors and cancer had spread to her lungs, and a winter of suffering would be in store for this lady, and then a miserable death. She was approximately 15 years old. She knew love for a short time, and then a fond farewell to this lovely soul who was humanely put to sleep.


Dear Romania Animal Supporters »

Dear Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay Neuter Intl. Supporters and Friends,

Well, the October spayathon was a smashing success! Thank you to all who made this event possible, including donors, sponsors (Dogs on Death Row, USA; Cats on Death Row, USA; 4 Stray Dogs, Norway; Kuono ry, Finland; Animal Care Austria, Carol Byers; Mary Young and William Morris; Bonnie Siddons; and Suzy Alexander).

All in all, 1000 animals are now spayed/neutered by this single campaign. This means thousands will not be born to suffer or be killed. Thank you wonderful people! Thank you to the volunteers who worked endlessly at the campaign, friends from Romania, Oliviu, Carmen, Otilia, Christopher, Diane, Bia, Dana, and I know I missed many others. Thank you Dream Team for all your hard work and planning as always. The very best vets and people! Thank you Rory Janes, Bonnie Siddons, Siri Ydstie, Christina Brandt and Suzy "Taxi" Alexander for volunteering and working so very hard.

Thank you, Rob Cole, for attending the No More Homeless Pets conference.

Thank you to Sue Roberts, Maz Foulger, Diane White, Steph and Sue Blythe, May Britt Seem, Ariane Coury, and all the great people who help us on Facebook to get much-needed donations in for spay/neuter, vet care, and vaccines. We can only do this work with help from our supporters.

Please enjoy the newsletter and see all the great work your donations support! In October, RAR/ASNI was able to provide spay/neuter to 1536 animals--in one month!

Bless each and every one of you,
Nancy Janes

Gabi with RAR volunteers Christina and Suzy
Gabi with RAR volunteers Christina and Suzy

Dear Friends,

October is known as the month when all the work on the fields is complete and the farmers look back for the year they had. For the RAR team, October was the big Spayathon month. Our vets and nurses and the wonderful volunteers from USA, Norway, Denmark and Germany were up to the big plan to operate on 800 dogs and cats in 10 days. Cats were done in the Homeless Animal Hospital headquarters whilst the dogs were operated next to the Hospital in a big space offered to us by our wonderful neighbour that understood the importance of spay and neuter for the community. In this way stress was minimized for both dogs and cats and animals were calmer and easy to approach and handle. Local media came to us and we made both national news and local news with a big article about the huge spay and neuter project. We received animals from the whole county. Dogs that lived in industrial areas, low income individuals brought their pets to be spayed and neutered. We provided transport with the RAR van that brought the animals from miles away to the event. After a couple of days as the news spread like lightning we were flooded with calls. We decided to go over the 800 goal and go for 1000 surgeries so that as many animals as possible will never reproduce and bring pups and kittens into an unsafe world.

There are many words that can describe the Spayathon: Determination, hard work, discipline are among them, yet one phrase is definitely explaining better why we do what we do--RESPECT FOR LIFE. Spay and neuter is the humane way to fight the misery, the pain, the disease and the hopelessness that is seen every day in Romania.

I wish all of you, our readers, to be part of a big campaign like this. I wish you can feel and see how the people smile and are happy with the service we provide for their animals. Every single "thank you" we received during the Spayathon I dedicate to you our wonderful supporters and donors who help us help the hopeless animals. With your help we shall continue to spread light and hope that animals will have a better life. Please continue to support our work. God bless you

Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM
ASNI/RAR General Manager,
Familyvet Veterinary Clinic

Stay informed about our animal welfare campaigns in Romania by subscribing to Dr. Aurelian's blog: Homeless Animal Hospital.

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Thank You!

Spay/neuter procedures funded

ASNI/RAR funded spayathons in:


31,402 in Romania alone, 33,102 worldwide

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Our Spayathon Volunteers

Suzy-RAR volunteer

Bonnie Siddons-RAR volunteer

Siri-RAR volunteer

Christina-RAR volunteer

Oliviu-RAR volunteer

Anda Popescu-RAR volunteer

Rory Janes-RAR volunteer

Nancy Janes-RAR volunteer


Craiova Spayathon Craiova Spayathon Craiova Spayathon Craiova Spayathon Craiova Spayathon Craiova Spayathon Craiova Spayathon Craiova Spayathon

The Craiova Spayathon was a great success--so much so that we did 1000 spay/neuter procedures instead of the 800 goal. The event was advertised in the local media news, national media news, and in the newspaper to 5 counties. We had volunteers from USA (Bonnie, Rory, Nancy, Suzy), Norway (Siri), Denmark (Christina), and Germany (Miriam). Locals helped very much. Rory and Speranta traveled to two villages to pick up dogs from the locals to spay/neuter them and return them back to their guardians. It was a wonderful project!


Tecuci Spayathon Tecuci Spayathon


Mangalia Spayathon Mangalia Spayathon

More from the Spayathons

Dr. Aurelian resting between surgeries Craiova Spayathon
See the video of the Craiova Spayathon.

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Animal Care »

Homeless Animal Hospital

Maia with an injured legMaia with an injured legMaia with an injured leg
This cat, Maia, was found with a leg injury. We brought her from Tecuci to Homeless Animal Hospital in Bucharest. Dr. Andreea treated her leg, cleaning it and stitching it.

Dog with matted hair gets treatmentDog with long toenails gets them trimmedDog with matted hair gets treatment
The owner had been away to Afghanistan, during which this dog was neglected. Its hair had become matted, and toenails in serious need of trimming. Homeless Animal Hospital bathed and trimmed the dog to its rightful glory.

Iris with an injured leg
Iris came to Homeless Animal Hospital with an injured leg. Homeless Animal Hospital cleaned and stitched her leg. Iris is now recovering nicely.

Cat with a missing eye
This cat was found with an infected eye. We brought him to the Homeless Animal Hospital in Craiova for treatment.

Puppy with a fever
This puppy had a fever. After an examination, Homeless Animal Hospital was able to break the fever.

Hundreds more animals are helped and vaccinated with Homeless Animals Hospital, every day we treat animals that are in need of care. We can only do this with your donations.

Support Animal Care


Adoptions »
Anna Marie with Pete Jr and Anais
Pete Jr with Diane ChangDr. Pete and Anais with Rory and Nancy

Pete Jr. and Anais arrive in California with Rory and Nancy. Up for adoption with Doggies 911. The wonderful and lovely Diane Chang who introduced us all is featured in one photo with Pete Jr. From Romania to the Pacific Coast--what love can do! Anna Marie got to welcome her fellow Romanians with a "ce fac" greeting


Our Thanks »

All of the animals and the RAR team would like to express our tremendous thanks to everyone who has helped us to achieve such amazing success in our work. In November, RAR will continue to provide help in Mangalia, Moreni, Craiova, a Bucharest Peasant Village, a new campaign for Focsani, and Animal Spay Neuter International has been asked to return to the Dominican Republic in January as well as Portugal in February.

You, our incredible donors, allow us to provide so much help. Thank you to each and every one of you!

Thank you to Mayhew International for funding our education books that we are able to share throughout Romania in schools, communities, and with other charities.

Thank you to the supporters of the Homeless Animals Hospital, a great project whereby the animals can receive your support for veterinary care.

Thank you to those who support our Veterinary Training Camp sponsorship. More vets trained on highly specialized keyhole and flank surgery techniques mean better vets and healthier animals.

We wish you a lovely Autumn!


With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID (RAR): 72-1546354)
(UK Registered Charity Number (ASNI): 1157935)