After 2 days of hard work, we are happy to announce that 98 animals will never give birth to unwanted litters again in the town of Panciu, Romania. This town lies on the river Şuşiţa, in southern Moldavia it has a population of approximately 7,600. It administers five villages: Crucea de Jos, Crucea de Sus, Dumbrava, Neicu and Satu Nou. These villages are breeding grounds for strays when the owners choose to dump puppies that are born from their yard dogs.

Thanks to the wonderful people that support the work of Romania Animal Rescue, 98 dogs and cats will no longer be causing thousands of puppies and kitties to be born and be homeless, unwanted and suffer and die on the streets.

We want to thank all the donors and people that support the work of The Romania Animal Rescue, to the heart and soul of this organization, Nancy Janes, Maz Foulger, who fund-raised for this event to take place, the vet team that work wonders in the surgery room Roxana-Elena Stan, Miruna Berzuc, Anda Popescu, Nelutu Manea, Nica Crina and everyone else involved.