Calling for the support of all animal lovers.

Dogs in Panciu

Dear Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay Neuter International Supporters,
The town of Panciu and surrounding villages have asked for Romania Animal Rescue to please return to spay and neuter as many animals as possible. We have visited this area on a number of campaigns and need to keep this work going so that the unwanted animal population will decline. We need your help in order to do this. Your donation of $25, £16 or €22 will humanely change the lives for thousands. Our friend Diana sent us this message:

Panciu is the smallest town in Vrancea county and it is famous for its vineyards and wine. In Panciu people from the surrounding rural areas will abandon dogs and puppies and kittens thinking they gave them a chance to live. Little do they know or care that most of those poor creatures will succumb to agonising death after being starved, poisoned, ran over by cars, torn apart by other dogs and so on. Lack of money, vet offices, education will cause people to turn to these gestures and only by helping them will we put an end to animal suffering in this country. After a few campaigns in this area, things are starting to improve as more and more people from Panciu and from surrounding villages will come to get their dogs and cats spayed. Please, donate to spay a dog and save the suffering of all its litters that will not come into this world to suffer.

Please help us with a donation of any size. We would like to make this very impoverished area of Romania one of our primary spay/neuter and homeless animals hospital project regions to really make a substantial change, but we cannot do it without your support.

Support Spay/Neuter