Are these the most beautiful legs you've seen today??  This is Pistachio's and his legs are looking pretty amazing!

Our brave little street dog, abandoned at the side of the road with two badly fractured front legs is now recovering from his two surgeries. Dr. Pepe has done an amazing job, as always, to make sure Pistachio can walk again - all made possible because of your donations and support. Thank you!

Pistachio is also getting used to kindness and affection from people - something we don't think this little boy has experienced much of in his life so far. But that's all behind him now as a new, happy chapter in his life has started. Thank you to all our supporters! This is what you help us to achieve every day. We are so grateful to be able to help change the lives of dogs like Pistachio.

Check out a video of Pistacho playing, post surgery!