On 17-18 may and 27 June we returned to our friends from the romanian stray dogs. 200 female animals (dogs and cats, with and without master) have been sterilised, not to give birth to chicks.

Like previous campaigns, and it was possible thanks to the wonderful friends of the Finnish kulkurit / Rescue Association hobo dogs and generoșilor donors of the association that constantly donate to sterilization animals thousands of miles away.

My thanks and my recunostința go to: the members of the hobo association, which in 2012 are involved with enthusiasm, efficiency and dedication in solving the situation of the animals of Romania; the super team of rare (Romanian animal recue): Roxana-Elena Stan, Dr. Miruna Berzuc and nurses Anda Popescu, Valeria Chivu and Alexandra Avrigeanu; Marian Patrascanu Petrisor Romanian stray dogs, who have been doing free sterilization campaigns since 2012 and has sterilized over 6.000 animals with and without master. Because they are so worthy and their waiting list is very long, we set up this series of campaigns to give them a helping hand. Alex Ionescu and Sorina Alexandra our super efficient hosts. The fine volunteers of these campaigns: Ionescu Magdalena, Ada Moroianu, Gheorghiu Camelia, mara iulia, Natalia Rotaru, Manu Cristina, Cristina Cop, who have proven, once again, that only by implicating you, Love and dedication, you can bring positive change into society.

Massive sterilisation, accompanied by supported educational and adoption programmes, is the only effective way to control canine and feline populations and provide animals with a better life, in respect of their rights. Because when the authorities do not do their job, there are two ways of action: to put pressure on the authorities and, simultaneously, to do, each of us, as much as we can.

These campaigns are a plea for humanity: because it is never a more human and more evolved society than when it takes care of the most vulnerable beings, be it people or animals.