Anne-Marie Rawcliffe

Yesterday we were very honored to meet Dr Aurelian Stefan, from Romania Animal Rescue, not only is he an amazing vet, but he is also a wonderful, caring and passionate man, with an amazing vision and an unerring drive to help animals in need. Dr Aurelian had a dream to raise awareness about the importance of an effective Spay and Neuter campaign to reduce the suffering of unwanted dogs in Romania. So driven was he, that he made his dream a reality.

The Centre of Hope, the latest successful project of Romania Animal Rescue, is a superb facility, with state of the art equipment, but what makes the Centre so special is the dedication and compassion of Dr Aurelian and his wonderful team of vets, nurses, and assistants.

Wendy Etheridge, Steph Clegg, Bev Dore and myself were privileged to be able to watch this team in action as we assisted them in a Spay and Neuter day. Wendy and Steph helped prep the dogs ready for their op, I assisted in the operating theatre and Bev was there to help care for the dogs post-op. The team of four vets worked new non-stop, to operate on an incredible 28 dogs. It was amazing to witness such dedication and compassion for every dog they operated on, regardless of whether they were strays, shelter dogs or pets.

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, bought a raffle number or sponsored a Spay. Statistics show that in just six years, one un-spayed female dog and her offspring will produce 67,000 unwanted dogs. So your generous contributions towards our day at the Centre mean that there will be 1,876,000 less unwanted dogs. Absolutely staggering!! Which goes to show that every single donation, no matter how small makes a huge difference. And what is even more amazing, is that we raised enough money to be able to sponsor a second Spay and Neuter day.

So thank you so very much everyone, you are truly pawsome! And huge thanks, appreciation and love go to the incredible Dr Aurelian and his amazing team who work so tirelessly to make a difference.