UPDATE:  We still need to raise $150 for Sansa.   Please help us help Sansa!


Sansa is a little street dog and sadly has been subjected to terrible cruelty and abuse. Before you read on, you need to know that Sansa's story is very distressing. Little Sansa was brought to us by a lady who took her off the street about two months ago. The lady asked Romania Animal Rescue to spay Sansa. When she arrived at the Center of Hope / Romania Animal Rescue, the lady told Dr Aurelian Stefan and the team that Sansa didn't walk normally and that she had a vaginal discharge which had a terrible smell. The lady had already taken her to another vet who said that Sansa was fine.

Thankfully, our team were immediately concerned by these symptoms and suspected that something was seriously wrong with Sansa. Sansa was rushed for x-rays so the team could find out what was going on. To their horror, the team could see from the x-rays that Sansa had an object in her vagina. They knew this would be causing her a lot of pain and putting her life at risk. Sansa was prepped for emergency surgery to have the object removed. Her surgery has now been completed and Sansa is in recovery.

This is one of the most horrible cases of cruelty we have seen and we are all very upset about what treatment poor Sansa has been subjected to in the past. As well as the pain she must have been suffering for many months, if this object had not been removed Sansa would probably have suffered from severe infection and could have died a slow, painful death. It's sickening to think that someone forced this object inside Sansa and left her like this to suffer.

Our team is giving Sansa the best possible treatment and care and we are hopeful she will recover from this trauma - both mentally and physically. She is a very sweet dog and we will do everything we can to help her. We really need your help to cover the cost of Sansa's emergency surgery and care?

Can you help us raise 300 euros for this little girl?