Sky, Mirco, Thea and Tina were found in September dumped in a plastic bag in a field. They were only a day or two old. The fifth little pup passed away. They were taken in by a rescuer in a place called Calarasi and they have been hand reared over the last three months.

Unfortunately Sky, Mirco, Thea and Tina recently got very sick with parvo virus and Romania Animal Rescue were asked for urgent help to save them. The rescuer has a lot of dogs and can't afford to pay for the veterinary treatment they need to save them this time.

Sky, Mirco, Thea and Tina have been given urgent medical treatment in the isolation ward at the Center of Hope by Dr Aurelian Stefan and our team of vets and vet techs.The good news is they have all responded well to the treatment but we really need help to pay for their medical treatment to make sure they are 100% fit and well.

We need to raise 125 euros for each puppy. Can you please help one of these adorable babies? They have had such a hard start in life and their rescuers have done so much to give them a chance after they were dumped and left to die. These little sweethearts will be going up for adoption in Germany or Austria once they are healthy and fit to travel.

You can help Sky, Mirco, Thea and Tina by donating today.