Hello Everyone! We have a NEW MISSION! Meet the RAR Spay Shuttle! This beauty has been in action since purchased in January of 2017. There are so many small communities, factories, villages, neighborhoods, and shelters that have no means to travel to the Center of Hope for spay and neuter and veterinary treatments...so we found a way to transport the animals to the Center for help. We are asking for support for 200 spays and neuters with the Spay Shuttle to transport dogs and cats to the Center of Hope and return animals to their caregivers. This unique project helps so many. I hope you can support us to reach this mighty goal. Ellen Benninga, artist extraordinaire, contributed her drawing of the Spay Shuttle. Thank you Ellen! The cost for this service including transport is: $25, or 23 Euro, or 19 Pounds Donations are so greatly appreciated to help this mission, please state for Spay Shuttle.