Spotty was brought in on the spay shuttle to the Center of Hope. Lucky for her she had been picked up off the streets by a rescuer and the spay shuttle was in the area picking up patients for spay and neuter surgery. When our vets examined Spotty they realised that she was only about three months old and had a bad fracture to her back leg that had gotten infected.

Spotty wasn't old enough to be spayed but the top priority was to get her leg treated. Thanks to your support, we were able to keep Spotty at the Center of Hope and treat the nasty infection in her leg. Once this was cleared up, Spotty had a bone graft which was the only chance of saving her leg. Unfortunately, the graft didn't work as the damage to her leg was too bad and had been left untreated for too long. The decision was taken to amputate her leg as she had been unable to use it for months and the vets knew she could adapt to being a tri-paw!

Spotty was offered a foster place with our good friends at Holbrook Animal Rescue. She recently travelled there and they are working hard to find her a good home. We can't wait to see Spotty with her own family. Fingers crossed this little lady won't be waiting too much longer.