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Animal Tales for
Spring 2017

Holding Two Pups


Welcome to the Spring Newsletter for Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay Neuter International. We hope you'll enjoy reading about how your support has improved the lives of animals in need. In this issue, we have really BIG news as we celebrate the opening of the Center of Hope Animal Hospital in Bucharest, a first of its kind and a major milestone for improving animal welfare in Romania.

Spay/Neuter Count

January-March: 1120
Overall: 54,645

Your support has enabled us to carry out even more spays and neuters, and enabled us to achieve even more goals so far this year. There are so many stray dogs and cats in Romania, the more that we can spay and neuter the less unwanted kittens and puppies will be born this year. For the dogs, it's particularly hard as thousands will end up in public shelters facing starvation, disease and cruelty. Please, if you can, support our spayathon campaigns and help ensure more animals are saved from a life of suffering.

Also during 2017, we'd like to introduce you to your dedicated team who work on the frontline helping animals in need. In this issue, you'll hear from Ruth Osborne, our Head Veterinary Nurse.

We also have an update on the education programs being delivered at the Center of Hope to benefit working animals and stray and abandoned dogs in rescue shelters in Romania.

Thank you for your continued support,

Nancy Janes
Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM

Breaking News

We are very excited to announce that in May, our team will be joined by Dr. Jennifer Scarlett, president, San Francisco SPCA who is traveling to Bucharest with colleagues to volunteer at a Spayathon.

Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue is providing sponsorship to enable us to carry out our largest Spayathon so far this year. It will take place at the end of May and early June at the Center of Hope. The new Spay Shuttle will be busy bringing animals from surrounding areas. Zach Skow, founder and executive director of Marley's Mutt's and colleagues will be in Bucharest to work with the team on this campaign! The Hope Spaymobile will also be out on the road for three days as part of this campaign.

Details and photos to follow in our next newsletter.

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Center of Hope News

Center of Hope

Major Milestone in Romania Animal Welfare: Center of Hope opens its doors to animals in need!

We are so grateful to all of you who have supported us on the journey to make the Center of Hope a reality in Bucharest.

It is the first purpose-built veterinary hospital that aims to provide free or subsidized veterinary care to stray animals and impoverished families in Romania and has been treating patients since February 2017. Some of the facilities for the animals include a sterile surgery, spay room, digital x-ray, intensive care unit and two isolation wards for patients with distemper and parvo.

More than 100 spays have already been completed in the new spay room and with your support we hope to increase this to 500 spays a month!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the development of the Center of Hope. Your continued support is making a very important contribution to improving the life chances of homeless, injured and abused animals in Romania.


Spay/Neuter (ASNI) News

Two Romanians Holding a Dog

1,120 good reasons to support our Spay and Neuter Campaigns!

Thanks to your continued support, 1,120 dogs and cats have been spayed / neutered between January and March 2017. We wish we could show you all of these beautiful animals but there just isn't space here! Here's just a few!

Man with Cat Lady with Cat Lady with Dog

Thank you for saving thousands of animals from needless suffering! As well as preventing the birth of thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens, you are also helping to make life better for dogs and cats. Spay / neuter decreases the fight for resources among stray animals, preventing the spread of diseases like the deadly parvo virus and reducing mating related aggression which can often lead to dogs being rounded up and put into public shelters where they have little chance of survival.

Outreach to help Bulgarian dogs and cats

Thanks to our kind donors, our team members were able to spay and neuter 210 animals on the latest mission in Bulgaria. This is the fifth spayathon in Bulgaria and we would dearly love to go back to help more animals in need.

Bulgaria is one of the poorest countries in Europe and many of the poorest citizens live in ghettos. In these places, there is no hope of an animal receiving veterinary care or being sterilized, so the suffering goes on.

All Aboard!

Spay Shuttle

The new Spay Shuttle is bringing animals from villages and rescuers near the Center of Hope for veterinary care and spaying and then returning them to their caregivers following recovery. We also have a new phone number people can call to request a spay or neuter! 0743-NEUTER

Upcoming Spay and Neuter Campaigns

The need to run spay and neuter campaigns is urgent at this time of year. There are just so many dogs and cats that need our help to prevent more unwanted puppies and kittens from being born and abandoned. The majority of people in this region are poor. They can't afford to spay / neuter large numbers of animals. They can't afford to feed them either. In many of these towns and villages there are no veterinary services unless our team can visit.

We are desperately in need of funds to enable us to do more spayathons in the next few months. The only constraint we have on our ability to sterilize more dogs and cats is lack of funding. Please support these vital campaigns to ensure we spay and neuter as many strays as we can to break the cycle of suffering. We can do nothing without your support.

The cost of spay or neuter is $25, 23 Euro, or 19 GBP per spay or neuter. Regular donations enable us to do more spayathons. Thank you.


Animal Care (Homeless Animal Hospital) News


Here are highlights of just a few of the hundreds of animals we've been able to help in recent months at Homeless Animal Hospital Craoiva and Center of Hope, thanks to your support.


Max, shown above, was treated at our Homeless Animal Hospital, which is hosted by Family Vet in Craoiva. He was a stray in very terrible condition. He had to have half his tail amputated and two toes. He also had parvo virus, which can kill dogs very quickly.

Our team members have also worked with a local rescue to make sure that he did not have to return to the streets. Max has now been fostered in Germany until he finds a new owner. Happy new life, Max!



Waffy was brought to Center of Hope by a good samaritan who spotted her suffering and alone. The vets quickly diagnosed that she had most likely eaten rat poison. She received an urgent blood transfusion and treatment that saved her life.

She has now been adopted and is living a very happy life in Germany! Love to Waffy.



Little dog, Nobi, was rushed to the clinic by her owner, Madalina. The dog had been having contractions for several hours but no pups had been born. Madalina was scared for Nobi's life and didn't know what to do. She had heard of the Center of Hope but wasn't sure if we would help.

Nobi was rushed into surgery and a c-section performed. Unfortunately, the pups could not be saved but Nobi has now recovered completely from her ordeal and has been spayed. Madalina has also brought a puppy to be checked over and vaccinated. Madalina and Nobi live in a small village with no veterinary service so knowing she can come to the Center of Hope is "like heaven and hard to believe that a clinic like this exists for people like me."



Chance was a pup when he was found in a desperate state on the streets, he was little more than skin and bone with a broken leg front leg and deformity on his other front leg. He was brought to Homeless Animal Hospital and he is absolutely transformed! Chance really did get a second chance at life. He's now been offered a home in Sweden! You can see more about Chance's transformation by watching this video on our website.

We rely entirely on people like you to help animals like Max, Waffy, Nobi and Chance. We are always in need of deparasite products, sutures and surgical sheets. With your help, our vets can deliver life-saving surgery and treatments when animals need them most.


Education News

Dr. Aurelian speaking to audience at the Center of Hope, Romania

The Center of Hope is fast becoming a hub for teaching and learning that will help all animals including stray dogs, cats and working horses! The Equine seminar was open to both Romanian vets and veterinary students. It was taught by the top equine specialists in Romania, including Dr. Rosu. A working horse was brought in by locals for treatment. The veterinary students got very practical hands-on experience on the day. The horse got badly needed medical care and has made a full recovery.

Two animal behavior and handling seminars, sponsored by Hobo Dogs Finland, were held in February and March. These seminars included information on animal handling, dealing with shelter dogs, signs of anxiety, fear, and how to have a better and more positive relationship with rescued animals.

Coloring Books

Our supporters have also enabled us to share forty Romania Animal Rescue coloring books and hats with the children in the local villages to spread the message that compassion and animal welfare are important.

A recent case also highlights the importance of growing our Veterinary Training Camp. It is an opportunity for veterinarians to gain higher levels of skill. At the Bulgarian Spayathon, the team members were able to assist a very sick dog that had been to a vet but the vet had done a terrible job at performing a c-section. Without the expertise of our veterinary team this little dog would have died a miserable death. To learn more about our Veterinary Training Camp, please go to our website.

Please support our education and veterinary training programs to support long-term sustainable improvements in animal welfare.


Meet Your Dedicated Team

Ruth Osbourne

Ruth Osborne, our Head Nurse at Center of Hope, talks about the progress she is making thanks to your support.

Ruth, how did you first get involved with Romania Animal Rescue?
I came to Romania to volunteer with Romania Animal Rescue for one week in 2011. I was so impressed by what I saw that 6 months later I had given my notice at a veterinary practice in the UK, sold by house and moved to Romania! Five years on and I have never looked back.
What's the most urgent need you see now in Romania?
Since moving here and seeing the suffering of dogs in overcrowded shelters and dogs that die from preventable disease I am passionate about sterilization programs. So for me, without question, we need to find a way to increase the scale of our spay and neuter program. I count our successes in the dogs that we don't see; every case that is not a dog suffering because it was unlucky enough to be born.
What has impressed you most about Romania Animal Rescue?
So many things have impressed me! But to pick one, I think the quality of the veterinary care is exceptional by Romanian and international standards. After my first visit to RAR, my UK colleagues couldn't believe that there was a Romanian veterinarian who could spay a dog in half the time with an incision a quarter of the standard UK length and have exceptionally good standards of sterility and this be normal for stray dogs. The incisions are so small we tattoo the dogs and cats so people know they are sterilized (see green paw tattoo and incision). The advanced techniques mean there is less chance of complications, faster recovery times and less pain for the animal.

Green Tattoo

How important is education to animal welfare in Romania?
Education is important on so many levels. We want to train more vets so that more animals can receive quality veterinary care. We also want to educate more children who are the pet owners, leaders and animal advocates of the future in Romania. We want to influence them now so they will understand the importance of compassion and caring for animals.
Is there anything you'd like to say to our supporters?
I am so grateful for our supporters. It's because of them we can help so many animals. Continuing support for Romania Animal Rescue means we can continue to improve the lives of thousands of suffering animals.

Supporter News: Get Involved. Help Animals. Have Fun!

Marching for Strays in the UK

Marching for Strays

On World Stray Animals Day, our UK based trustee, Dawn Ashley and our supporters joined the Stray Animal March in London. Thank you to everyone who attended to raise awareness for the often forgotten homeless cats and dogs. It's amazing how many people are unaware of the scale of the crisis. Thank you for caring!

Feelgood Factor

Why not celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations with an extra special present to help more dogs and cats! For your own birthday, you might want to ask for donations instead of presents to help provide vital veterinary care, support spay/neuter programs or education and vet training. You decide!

If you donate as a present for a loved one, Nancy or Dr. A will send them a card or email to say thank you! Just donate and send us their details to

Review from the Frontline:

A recent spayathon volunteer sent us this lovely review, thank you!

"I have just returned to the UK after spending 3 days with one of your teams helping with a spayathon in Bacau County I would just like to say thank you to the vets and technicians for the experience, which is something I will never forget. I was so impressed by their skill and dedication. They all worked so hard during the three days I spent with them.

"I'm sure people who donate to your cause would be interested to know that I have seen, and can confirm, that their donations are being put to good use, helping to alleviate the chronic overpopulation of stray dogs in Romania. The work your organization does is absolutely vital if there is to be any chance of successfully dealing with the problem."

Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer at a spayathon!

If you would like us to include particular issues or feature something in the newsletter, send us an email at and we'll see what we can do!

If you want to donate via check or wire transfer, you'll find our bank details on our website.


Thank You

Dear Friends,

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support. We need your help now more than ever as we are being asked to help in so many locations. Our donations are down sadly, and we do not want to say "no" to requests from the most needy for help. We hope you will be there to help us help as many animals as possible. Only with your support can we continue our mission of mercy for the animals. Thank you very much!

With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
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