We started our first free s/n campaign in Suraia / Vrancea, there were two hard days, but together we managed to spay/neuter 57 dogs/cats, which will no longer bring any unwanted puppies into the world. We thank the participants, but also the mayor, who has honored his commitment, responding promptly to our requirements and we promised to return as soon as possible!!!!

Thank you so much Miruna Berzuc , Alexandra Avrigeanu the "duracell technician" and Wald Diana. That you to Aurelian Stefan and Nancy Janes. The RAR Team is the Best!!!! Also lots of thanks to Wedemann Heike, Sina Gussmag, Emily Maier, Sandy Leone, Daniela Suntinger, Sylvia Behn for all your help. Last but not least, Cristina Ghiorghita, Gavrilita Mihaela and Vali Taban who helped a lot with the spayathon activities.