Second Tg. Frumos Campaign brings more animals and new hope for the community to humanely solve the abandonment and stray issue.  Thank you to Tree of Life donations and to RAR Dutch Family for sponsoring this campaign.  

From Andrea in Tg. Frumos:   "When there's a will, there's a way" - These are truly the perfect words now: Romania Animal Rescue, Inc Dba Animal Spay Neuter International second free spay / neuter campaign in Tg. Frumos, Iaşi. "People are more and more aware of the benefits of the s/n, people got to know our Dream Team and they trust us, they tell their friends and neighbors about our projects and they are more and more desperately seeking our help. This is happening in a community with little over 10,000 citizens, most of them living in the countryside and having no financial means to look after the animals within their yards and a large number of Roma people that own lots and lots of dogs. Fortunately they too got to bring their female dogs to be fixed and that is what we call a great success, cause this certainly means less pups being born to suffer!"   Thank you Andreea for organizing this on the local level. Many thanks to Dr. Livioara Rotariu and vet tech Andra Chiscan and Lelia Leandra for their amazing job and dedication! Deepest gratitude to Annemiek Wienke and the RAR Dutch Family for fundraising for this campaign! And, last but not least, lots of love and a heartfelt thank you to Nancy Janes for supporting this rural project and for her determination and generosity!