Second Chance for Julyano

Julyano getting a bath

Julyano is a stray that our team found while they were out working at a mobile spay and neuter campaign. Julyano is only about three years old but due to his malnourishment and skin disorder he looks like an old man.

He is getting lots of good food, medicated baths and TLC at the Center of Hope now. He is starting to put on a bit of weight and looks happier already! It breaks our hearts to find dogs like Julyano but thanks to you we can take dogs like Julyano and giving them a second chance at a happy life.

Negruta's Tumor

Negruta waiting for surgery

Negruta was found with a massive tumor that needed surgery urgently. Following a plea for help, Negruta was brought to the Center of Hope and the tumor was removed by the vets and vet techs who have the skills and equipment to do this type of surgery.

Negruta recovered well from her surgery and we are sure she feels 100% better now that she's not carrying that huge tumor around. She must have found it so difficult to move and it must have caused her a lot of pain and discomfort. She's now in foster care and she she will make a full recovery.

Painful Tumor Removed

Bobby with his tumor

Bobby is a gentle giant who was brought to us by kind Samaritans who know his owner. Bobby's owner is a widow and has very little money. She didn't know where to go for help when the lump on Bobby's leg started to grow.

Bobby's owner was taken into hospital and kind people had been taking care of Bobby while she was away. They wanted to get Bobby veterinary treatment and reached out to Center of Hope for help. Dr. Aurelian told them to bring immediately for an assessment.

Spotty's Fractured Leg

Spotty was brought in on the spay shuttle to the Center of Hope. Lucky for her she had been picked up off the streets by a rescuer and the spay shuttle was in the area picking up patients for spay and neuter surgery. When our vets examined Spotty they realised that she was only about three months old and had a bad fracture to her back leg that had gotten infected.

Maiu's Care

Maiu getting examined at the Center of Hope in Romania

Maiu arrived at the Center of Hope on May 1st in a terrible state with a broken jaw which meant he couldn’t eat and a damaged eye. He had obviously been struggling for a while as he was very weak and skinny. We weren’t sure he was going to make it but he had a strong will to live and wasn’t giving up. The resilience of our patients never ceases to amaze us.

Sweet Boy

He is a sweet boy that was living on the streets of Craiova( home of the horrible extermination camp Breasta ). This week he was ran over by a car and has miraculously survived only with a fractured leg. We have managed to help with part of the costs for his surgery so that he can run again and maybe find a family.

Please make a small monthly donation for our Homeless Animal hospital project coordinated by Dr Aurelian Stefan both in Craiova and Bucharest.



  This is Nana. A stray puppy who was brought to the Center of Hope five days ago. She has been in intensive care but unfortunately she didn’t make it.   Nana... was found on the fields around Bucharest - another unwanted puppy. She was suffering from babesiosis and an infection. She had a lot of pain when she arrived with bloody diarrhea and vomiting. She had no energy. She had a blood transfusion and the team gave her all the help they could.


Tisha is a stray pup found in a local village. She is only about three months old and very sick with Babesiosis, an infection caused by ticks. She is very anemic and has had a blood transfusion.... It’s only thanks to our supporters that we can take dog’s like Tisha off the streets and into our care and give them life saving medical treatment. Tisha is still very sick so please keep her in your thoughts. Our team of vets and vet techs will do everything they can to help her. We can only do this with your support.