Helped Sep 19 2019

Husband of his rescuer died today.  Puppy has parvo and we will fight for his life just so that we do not give his rescuer more bad news.  This is waht we do in the Homeless Animal Hospital Project.  We help when things get really bad.   Please support our critical work.


A kind man brought this poor stray dog to us. Homeless Animal Hospital is here to help when NO ONE ELSE DOES. We helped him...he had several bone fractures. He needed expensive surgery and care. Romania Animal Rescue (Homeless Animal Hospital) changed his life. He can now run and be pain free. TOGETHER we are STRONGER because WE CARE...Together with your SUPPORT. We have the best VETS in ROMANAIA who work tirelessly to turn pain into Joy.

Black Rose

Black Rose has one of the most beautiful stories at the Homeless Animal Hospital Project. She was brought in with severe lameness and pain . Look at her now ! For such wonderful moments to happen we deploy a lot of hard work . Please visit and place a small donation. Thank you !


Hello everyone! Look who’s getting ready to board the Happy Bus to a forever great home! Julyano! As you may recall, he was found by our team abandoned on the side of a road back in July. He’s been a resident at the Center of Hope while recovering from severe starvation, anemia, mange, and a damaged leg that needed amputation. Thanks to your support our Homeless Animals Hospital was able to treat and care for him. All the very best to you darling boy! You have melted the hearts of everyone


Stella was brought to the Center of Hope in October. She had been stuck in a fence and degloved from her chest down to her genitalia. She was also pregnant, yet she herself was only a pup.

The amazing Joke Rexwinkel fell in love with her immediately and now, over two months later, Stella has joined Joke for her happily ever after life.


Meet Jack .

A pup that has parvo and because of costs his family suggested euthanasia.

We stepped in and included him in our HOMELESS-ANIMAL-HOSPITAL project.

Second Chance for Julyano

Julyano getting a bath

Julyano is a stray that our team found while they were out working at a mobile spay and neuter campaign. Julyano is only about three years old but due to his malnourishment and skin disorder he looks like an old man.

He is getting lots of good food, medicated baths and TLC at the Center of Hope now. He is starting to put on a bit of weight and looks happier already! It breaks our hearts to find dogs like Julyano but thanks to you we can take dogs like Julyano and giving them a second chance at a happy life.

Negruta's Tumor

Negruta waiting for surgery

Negruta was found with a massive tumor that needed surgery urgently. Following a plea for help, Negruta was brought to the Center of Hope and the tumor was removed by the vets and vet techs who have the skills and equipment to do this type of surgery.

Negruta recovered well from her surgery and we are sure she feels 100% better now that she's not carrying that huge tumor around. She must have found it so difficult to move and it must have caused her a lot of pain and discomfort. She's now in foster care and she she will make a full recovery.