This is Fifi. She came to us with an exploded bleeding genital tumor and she received immediate help.

After two months of care and multiple chemo sessions plus plastic surgery on her genitals so she can pee normally here she is : a wonderful soul in search for a family. We do request kindly that you help us help more souls like Wifi through our Homeless Animal Hospital Project .

Please go to our Donate Page and place a small monthly donation. Thank you !


Meet Jack .

A pup that has parvo and because of costs his family suggested euthanasia.

We stepped in and included him in our HOMELESS-ANIMAL-HOSPITAL project.

Black Tulip

Meet Black Tulip! She was agonizing on the side of the street after being hurt three times. First she was abandoned and then she was taken in a yard and chained.  After a while she got attacked by wild hogs and injured. She lost her leg and her nasty wound did not heal properly so the person just dumped her on the side of the road. She was covered in parasites and very anemic.

Now we have her in safety and included her in our Homeless-Animal-Hospital Project. She will have her surgery for the stump when she is going to be strong enough for surgery.

Help HAH

Helping homeless animals is one of our goals ! Vet bills are extremely high for rescuers and with Homeless Animal Hospital project we aim to offer free care for dogs like this sweet soul that came yesterday to us. Placing a small constant donation enables us to continue help those wonderful animals in need.  Please help us help them and not turn any dog or cat in need.

Sweet Boy

He is a sweet boy that was living on the streets of Craiova( home of the horrible extermination camp Breasta ). This week he was ran over by a car and has miraculously survived only with a fractured leg. We have managed to help with part of the costs for his surgery so that he can run again and maybe find a family.

Please make a small monthly donation for our Homeless Animal hospital project coordinated by Dr Aurelian Stefan both in Craiova and Bucharest.


White Falcon

White Falcon

We really need your help! We have opened our doors for an emergency case. This little dog, called White Falcon, has been hit by a car and has no owner. The rescuer who found him and has been caring for him posted a cry for help. No one was interested until Dr. Aurelian saw the post and responded - WE WILL HELP!

Dr. Aurelian 21km Run

Dr Aurelian Stefan will run 21 km and asks you to sponsor 1 euro per km.   All funds will go towards Homeless Animal Hospital Project.

Four ways to sponsor:

From UK

From USA

From Germany Kontoinhaber: WAVE e.V. IBAN: DE81 4306 0967 2065 5872 00 Bank: GLS Bank

From Romania World ANIMAL Veterinary Emissaries RO31INGB0000999907804100

Or simply go to our DONATE page.


Lara and Cody

Lara and Cody are brother and sister - two gorgeous puppies saved from the streets. Unfortunately, both Lara and Cody are very sick with parvo virus and have been rushed to Romania Animal Rescue by their rescuer who has lots of dogs and can’t afford the medical treatment required to save Cody and Lara’s lives.

Minnie, Whinnie and Mo

Minnie, Whinnie and Mo are three little pups that are getting life saving treatment against distemper at Romania Animal Rescue Center of Hope. We thought that Mo might not make it but our team have been working hard to save these pups and they are all now responding to treatment.

Can you help to cover the costs of distemper treatment for these three babies? We really need your support to help all the dogs and cats that need medical care. Please donate today!


Please help Spotty

Spotty was brought to Romania Animal Rescue Center of Hope from a shelter in a place called Urziceni. We think little Spotty is only about 3 months old. Spotty was brought to the Center to be spayed but when our team were checking her they discovered that poor Spotty has a badly fractured leg that is full of infection. Poor Spotty has been in a lot of pain with this terrible injury but she’s still a sweet little baby. Our vets and vet techs are now treating the infection in Spotty’s leg and she will need surgery when the team are happy with the condition of her leg.