How many spay/neuters do you do in a year?

We now have the capacity to perform approximately 10,000 surgeries in a year. The need is far greater as almost each household in rural Romania has at least one cat or dog. These areas are usually underdeveloped, lacking the most basic infrastructure. Romania Animal Rescue is continuously raising funds to be able to organize spay and neuter campaigns in some of the most remote corners of the country where there are virtually no veterinary services available for hundreds of miles around. Please consider making a donation so that we can continue our work in Romania.

Where do you perform spay/neuters?

Romania Animal Rescue strives to provide spay and neuter surgeries across Romania, particularly in remote rural areas where there are no veterinary services. Animal Spay Neuter International - our international chapter - performs spay and neuter surgeries around the world, in the Dominican Republic, Suriname, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria and provides financial support for local organizations to provide spay and neuter surgeries in Panama, USA, UK, and India.

Why do you focus on spay/neuter?

Romania Animal Rescue believes that spay/neuter surgery (aka surgical sterilization) is the only humane, sustainable and truly efficient method to control homeless and stray animal populations. Surgical sterilization has the potential to save thousands of animal lives by ensuring that no unwanted litters are born. In poor countries like Romania, unwanted litters are often abandoned on the streets, in parking lots or in dumpsters. By surgically sterilizing cats and dogs across Romania, we can ensure that fewer unwanted animals end up on the streets.

GlobalGiving "Project of the Month"

RAR's Homeless Animal Hospital was named in GlobalGiving's March's Project of the Month

GlobalGiving sent an in-the-field representative, Kelly Zug, to Craiova, Romania to report on the Family Vet Clinic. She visited our clinic on two separate occasions. The vets showed her what they did during the spayathons, marathon spay/neuter events where 50-100 dogs and cats could be sterilized in a day. She recognized the value we bring to the Craiova communities by offering a viable solution to reducing the overpopulation of stray animals.

High Volume of Spays, October 2014

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