Romania Animal Rescue put on a play for children in a local village where there are very few local amenities, people are relatively poor and don't have the means to travel to the city or to pay to go to events like a play. This was the first time a professional theater team had come to the village to put on a performance for the community.

The play told an important story that people should think twice about their dogs having litter after litter. We showed what happens to puppies left to fend for themselves. The audience learned about dog catchers and the pain and suffering that dogs go through when they end up in a public shelter. Love is the word that received a shape in this play—the shape of a dog. Adults and children learned that dogs have feelings too and that they should be treated with respect.

The play was a great success and a big crowd from the village came to see the play. We were really pleased that so many children came and got the message about respecting and loving dogs and being responsible pet owners!

This experience, we hope, will have a lasting impact throughout their lives. After the play was over, the Romania Animal Rescue team walked through the village talking to people and giving out vouchers for free spay and neuter and deparasite treatments at the Center of Hope!