Good news!! Amazing RAR DREAM TEAM was back to help with more castrations in Tecuci on March 5th. 96 dogs and cats were spayed/neutered yesterday on the 5th of March, also two poor girls -- one terribly hit by car and one with multiples tumors.

Many many thanks to Dr Miruna, Dr Roxana, Dr Pepe, vet tech Ruth, vet tech Anda and vet tech David for all their wonderful work, also many thanks to all our great volunteers for joining us and taking good care of the doggies and kitties intill they left home. Many thanks to the City Hall for providing the vet clinic for us for he spay/neuter event.

We are very grateful to all the wonderful people who keep donating in support of such critical projects in preventing so many puppies and kittens from being born homeless on the streets of Tecuci, Romania. You are our only hope and without you, this mission would not have been possible.