We are planning a Spayathon in Moreni and need your support in raising funds for 100 spay/neuters.  It is only $25 or £19, or 23 euros to fund one spay/neuter. 

Here is a few words from Anda Popescu, one of RAR's vet techs who also runs Cainele Meu (Happy Paws) charity in Moreni. 

Dear Romania Animal Rescue Donors and Friends, My name is Anda Popescu, I am the president of the local NGO in Moreni. Having worked so closely with the abandoned animals for the past 11 years made me a witness of a lot of suffering and despair. Although enough to make anyone give up and run as far as possible, this traumatic experience made me more determined to go to the root of things and try to put a stop to the cause, rather than just deal with the effect. Having said that, since 2011 when Romania Animal Rescue started supporting our cause, we managed to organize numerous free spay/neuter events for the street, shelter and owned (poor owners) dogs and helped save thousands of unborn lives.

Of course, this may not sound as thrilling or as interesting as saving dogs from extreme situations or miracles happening in the surgery rooms or happy ends in front of a good fire, but considering that thousands of dogs die each year in Romania without anyone knowing or writing a compelling Facebook post about it, we think our work is pretty awesome. We all know that reality and work and life in general might make us forget about the “small” things that actually make a huge difference in all our lives, so please don’t forget about us and make a small, but very important donation for our cause!

The Moreni ongoing free spay/neuter project has to continue because more and more people are asking for our help, making us believe in a future where more people understand and join our mission. Thank you all for your generosity and commitment and thank you for choosing to help solve the problem of stray dogs in Romania in an efficient and humane way!"